Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hosta Fever

'Hosta Fever' could apply to many obsessed gardeners but it is the name of a business and with over 700 varieties, you could say this woman has 'the fever'.  Cindy Mitchell spoke to our garden club this summer and so we decided to pay a visit to her home where she has her display gardens and plants for sale.  I'll just let you have a look as we tour about her property.
I liked all the statues and other yard art that were found nestled amongst the hostas and ferns.
Cindy did a demonstration on how to check for hosta mosaic virus with a kit too.
Beyond the lawn by the house, paths wound through a wooded area and here was where all the hostas for sale were - in alphabetical order.  Every hosta in the display gardens had a name tag so you could see the mature size and then shop for a pot of your favourites.
There were lots of minis to choose from as well.
Everyone left for home laden down with pots and happy faces.  My new hostas are 'Allegan Fog', 'Praying Hands', 'Fire and Ice', 'Gypsy Rose' and 'Rainforest Sunrise'.  The third photo down shows 'Gypsy Rose' and I will admit that I'm only buying hostas with thick and waxy leaves now.  No more food for the slugs and snails!


  1. Lovely gardens. I love Hostas. Have a small collection. I believe there is over 1600 varieties now. Have a couple minis on my current post but didn't do a closeup of them. I believe next year I'll do some Hosta photos. You picked up some nice ones. Enjoy!
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. I would love to visit that place and hopefully find out the names of some of my hostas. Gypsy Rose looks like a wonderful addition to your garden.

  3. Her gardens are lovely! A great place to visit! Thanks for sharing, Judith, and enjoy your new hostas.
    Hugs, Beth

  4. They're all gorgeous! Try my crushed shell trick for around the hostas next year - it works because the slugs can't slither over the shards. If you don't have a source for shells I'll send you a box.

  5. Fantastic place! That 'Gyspy Rose' one caught my eye as I was looking down the row of photos, too. I am trying to by the thicker-leaved ones myself now, although I was just noticing the other day that the slugs really haven't been bothering any of my hostas this year. I'm not doing anything to prevent them, so it must be just the year.

    Have you ever tried growing hostas from seed? I haven't, but my brother has.


  6. Lots of information here that I need to know!

  7. There are 700 kinds of hostas?! Seriously? Wow! Great post, hostas so are wonderful.

  8. I love hostas!!! It is almost too hot for them here but I have several that seem hardy for the hot weather. Have a beautiful wek!!!

  9. I've enjoyed your post today... I have friends with huge hosta collections. Personally I prefer hostas from a landscape perspective, rather than from a collector's point of view and also really appreciate that they serve beautifully as a barrier to weeds. Larry

  10. Hi Judith,

    Cindy's gardens are just gorgeous! She has a wonderful touch for designing with hostas.


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