Monday, August 29, 2011

Dressing up for Tea

Welcome for tea this week my friends.  We'll have it in the tea house, even though it is a bit windy but the sun is shining which makes it a beautiful day.
Deep pink phlox, purple coneflower and rudbeckia are flowering beside the tea house and there's a large pot of geraniums sitting on top of the bird bath.
A white porcelain teacup rimmed in gold will hold a cup of refreshing green tea.
Beside the cup and saucer is a vintage linen tea napkin.
Generally when I attend a garden tea party, I like to wear a pretty dress and my favourite straw hat.  It's made by Bonnielle, a Canadian woman with expert know-how.
A couple of weeks ago, hubby and I took a drive to a town north of us to walk through the little shops and along their water front.  Inside one of the stores that sold clothing was also a large selection of hats to wear to garden parties, weddings and any other time a woman feels like dressing up.  How I wish I'd been to this store before the Victorian Garden Tea I attended just the week before.
I chose a fairly plain white organza hat that will go with any of my summer wear.
Click to enlarge
A closer look at the hat; the organza is stitched to form a large flower at the front.
How we girls still like to dress up!  Growing up, females entering a church always wore a hat on their head and we also had white gloves then too.  As a young girl, it was too much fussing but now it's a lot of fun.  Some older women still wear beautiful hats to church and other occasions and I admire them for keeping the fashion alive.
Thanks for joining me for tea.  How about you?  Are you wearing fancy hats for garden tea parties and other events?
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  1. What fun and I love that hat. Not that I go anywhere to wear it but it's lovely and I can just imagine how stylish you look with it on.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. Oh, that hat is outstandingly gorgeous. I am hoping that hats will 'take off' again after all the glamour of the Royal wedding in April. I want to join the Red Hat Society, just so that I can wear a fabulous hat! ;)

    Great post.

  3. I love the straw hat but the organza one is really pretty! I don't wear hats very well and find a cloche type suits me best but I don't wear one in public. :-) I remember wearing hats and white gloves to church too. We had hats for all seasons I think. I wear touques in the winter now if it's really cold or snowy. Lovely post.

  4. Oh, Judith, how I love your pretty white hat! I adore hats and I really wish more ladies here would wear them. While Hubby and I were pastoring a church in the country, I wore a hat every Sunday, hoping to start a trend but it never took off. They always made a big deal about Sandi and her lovely hats but would never donn one themselves. Oh well, I tried!
    Your tea is lovely in your little tea house. Thank you for sharing it with us. We fared pretty well through the storm and the winds are still high, but calming down. Have a delightful week, dear friend.


  5. Judith, The organza hat is beautiful, and I also like your straw hat. I don't wear hats other than gardening hats or baseball caps. I like them, just don't have any. Your tea house and the garden are beautiful too. A lovely place for a cup of tea, or a glass of iced tea!
    Hugs, Beth

  6. Oh how I love an outdoor tea party! And yes I remember wearing a hat to church on Sundays. With white gloves too ;-) Your tea is so lovely and so inviting.

    Jocelyn @

  7. Hi Judith,
    A lovely spot for a cup of tea! We could be twins as I have a very similar hat and gloves!


  8. Oh, how pretty! Love the hat, love the teacup. What pretty Battenburg lace too :)

  9. Love the hat Judith. I was looking for just that hat for the wedding:(. Must give the name of the store. Take care, Jen.

  10. What a heavenly hat! It must be so flattering to the face! I love hats, and long ago, when TGD was in the Air Force I always had a new hat for change-of-command parades. Nowadays my hats are all sun hats, except for one little boiled wool cloche that I found last year - couldn't resist it!

  11. Hello Judith,
    I really adore the straw hat and the organza hat is a real beauty.I don't wear hats but they look very sophisticated and feminin. Love the place for tea time between phlox and rudbeckias. And the pretty white cup is just the right choice to that. Thank you for sharing. I would so love to give you the possibility to try the famous chocolate.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  12. Hi Judith! Hats, oh, hats! How I do love to wear my hats! You have a lovely new organza find, there. You should share a photo of you wearing it sometime! I own a similar hat that I bought plain and embellished with florals. I just need to have a little extra on my hats - even if it is just a floral pin. Tea in your little tea haven sounds lovely - enjoyed the scenery and the company - as always.
    Bless you - Joy!
    Miss Kathy

  13. Oh the love of hats!! This one is really darling ... your tea is perfect in the lovely tea house!! happy Tea Cup Tuesday ..xo HHL

  14. How wonderful! An outdoor tea party with hats! I just wish I could wear a hat! Happy Tea Day!

  15. What an absolutely beautiful hat! Looks perfect for tea...or the Queen's garden party! And a lovely loggia. Thanks for sharing!

  16. Of course I am in love with the hat. Care to elaborate as to give out the location? V

  17. Hi Judith. What fun this is! I adore hats, too. And have quite a few. Alas, they don't get much use except as props but I'm glad I have them.
    Do take a photo next time you wear the organza one! – g

  18. Yay Judith..such a gorgeous post!! Beautiful magical photos..lovely hat...brilliant! Thanks for sharing the enchantment! I love hats and am a hat girl myself!!

  19. Hi Judith,
    Your white hat is so pretty. I love hats, and the lovely gloves make the perfect finish.
    I too, remember growing up and wearing hats to church with gloves. What a delightful post in a beautiful spot. Love your pretty teacup.
    Thank you for sharing and thank you for coming by for tea with me too.
    Have a great midweek.
    Blessings, Celestina Marie

  20. The only time I've worn a hat as pretty as that was going to the races..a wonderful days event - luncheon with the girls and we all dress up in wonderful colours, gloves and hats. Your setting outside for afternoon tea is just perfect, and can only imagine the gardens perfumes.

  21. Oh PRETTY!!! I'm jealous that you get to go to so many lovely teas. I adore your new hat, those lacy gloves & especially your little tea house. So special!

  22. Your hats are beautiful. You must look just lovely wearing them!

  23. Hi Judith,
    Your new hat is fantastic, frilly and girlie!! I NEED to find somewhere to wear such a fabulous hat!! I have some straw hats and if it is HOT and I HAVE TO work in the garden, I try to keep one on my head, but mosty they are just things of beauty, I love to look at:-)


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