Thursday, July 14, 2011

Where Bloggers Create

The lovely Karen Valentine who designed my blog hosts a fun annual party at My Desert Cottage where bloggers can show where they create things.  This year I thought I'd take part so I perused some of the participants from last year.  Wow,  I have to say I am envious of where some of these people do their crafts, sew, quilt and lots of other things.  Oh well, my space is my own and I can still create even if it isn't a spectacular area.
There are two places where I create, the first being my gardening side and office where I write a weekly gardening column and an article for our local magazine; oh yes, and a couple of garden club newsletters. This used to be #2 daughter's bedroom and when she moved out, my desk moved in!
The work desk with a few of the ceramic animals I made years ago to keep me company.
A little pair of wellies hold my pens and scissors.
This bookcase holds most of my resource books.  Disregard the bag of pretzels behind some books on the top shelf - out of sight and out of mind for our dog who usually lays in the room with me while I work.
More books, labels and paper on this bookshelf.
A swag I crafted from willow and wildflowers and adorned with pretty ribbons hangs over a bird identification chart.  
Now I can show you where I do crafts and it's just an area in the basement that's not finished.  As mentioned above, I used to paint ceramics and still do the odd thing as well as some tole painting.
Ceramic paint bottles.
Spray paint cans, mostly Krylon for painting garden yard art and anything that chips.  I know many of you like the chippy look, but what I can I say, I sand and paint them over.  :-)
A box with silk flowers and other stuff.  I went through a period of decorating straw hats and each bedroom door has one hanging on it. 
My latest craft endeavour is making my own cards.  I attend, when I can a Stampin' Up workshop twice a month to learn techniques and the nice part about it is, we're all about the same age.  Except the pretty 30 something instructor but she feels at home with us grannies. 
Heat embossing material.
Ink and punches.  I'm slowly building up equipment but this is not a cheap hobby.  Michael's has a 40% off coupon in the paper each week and I use it if I need something.
Other toys.  Yes, that is a label machine and I know how to use it very well.  (Just call me Martha.)
Lots of boxes and containers for organizing things.
The chair I sit on is very special to me.  It used to have black paint and varnish on it but hubby stripped it down and made it look much nicer.  My great grandfather had a set of these chairs on his farm and when he passed away, each grandson received one.  My dad always kept his around for a spare when company was over and when he passed on, I inherited it.  It's well made and comfy.
I suppose you would like to see some of the cards I've been making?  These are a few, I've already sent many to family and friends for different occasions.
I hoped you enjoyed my two creative spaces and will visit the others over the next couple of weeks.
Believe me, you'll find some great ideas and inspiration.


  1. Judith I enjoyed see where it all takes place this looks like somwhere we all could be creative, love it! Thanks for sharing!
    Excited about seeing more!

  2. Inspiring! What a creative lady you are:-)

  3. Loved seeing your sweet workplace my friend. I totally understand about the cost of things. Thankfully I need very few things anymore. Caching! Caching!

    Beautiful my talented J~


  4. What a wonderful place you have to create. Enjoy seeing all your pictures.

  5. It's interesting to take a peek at where other blogers write and create. I enjoyed looking at your spaces. I like your dried flowers wall decoration and handmade cards.

  6. Nice organization! I need to get my space in shape after my daughter's wedding! ♥♫

  7. Wow what a creative and organized lady you are! All I can say is- "so many hobbies so little time". Keep up the nice work!

  8. You have a great office/craft space! I wish I had my own space but I share with hubby and it's mostly his stuff. I just use the computer. :-) Thanks for sharing your creativity room with us! Blessings, Pamela

  9. You are VERY creative, Judith. I like your office, and enjoyed seeing your crafting area in the basement. My office is kind of messy; I worked from home in this office for 6 years; now it's my blogging place. I probably spend way too much time in my office! lol

  10. Thank you for giving us a tour of creative areas Judith. You are so organized, looks great!!!

  11. thanks for showing a little piece of your world. FUN! We all need our own space for our fun inspirations to take life!

  12. Nice, Judith! Like you, I'm spread out all over - but hope to consolidate and organize this summer! Maybe next year I'll participate in this party. Joy!
    Miss Kathy

  13. Hey Judith...I'm impressed with how organized you are! I need a label maker, BIG TIME!

    I saved the card you made for me & it is leaning on a shelf near my sewing machine. Its beautiful & sooooo "you". :-)

    Thanks for sharing your space.

  14. I just knew you'd be an organised sort of crafter/creator! You certainly do a lot - I'm impressed!

  15. The wellies are so cute!

    And I find it wonderful that you have a special chair that is so meaningful.

    I hope you'll have time to visit my spaces...

  16. Your space is so beautifully organized, Judith! And I love the cards you've been making! :)

  17. Loved your tour - your're so organized! Totally inspired me! Especially enjoyed the background story on your studio chair :)


  18. This is such a lovely room :) I really like your little wellies that hold your pens and such, so cute! Beautiful studio, thank you for sharing!


  19. I've always found it interesting to see where and how people live. You have everything you need at your fingertips, with each item clearly having its own place. Thank you for the peek inside your creative spaces, Judith.

  20. You have a great space, and you look so organized. Love the chair, and the history that goes with it. I remember those being quite comfortable.

  21. Judith,
    i loved seeing your creative space!! So many great organizing ideas!!
    Love the chair!! It is a treasure!!


  22. Hi again Judith,
    I loved your English garden and now I'm loving your wonderful creative space. Yes, you're organized indeed.
    I love SU too and will do a get together organized by a couple of demonstrators, so fun.
    Your cards are gorgeous! I see we have the same punch from SU.
    Thanks for sharing your spaces with us, I enjoyed both visits. I think I'll have to become a follower!

  23. Hello, Judith.
    You are such a creative woman. I find very interesting in your private spaces!
    They are so original and cozy spaces! I like to think of you sit on the lovely chair,inherited from your grand father, and spend for creating your arts.
    I am so pleased to have blog friends, and share different cultures! It is fun.
    Many thanks, Judith.

  24. I very much enjoyed the tour, Judith, and found out so much more about your interests and skills. And I loved seeing your cards! (I always use the 40% off coupon at Michaels, too. )

    Wishing you a lovely Sunday. – g

  25. Wonderfully organized - you have a great space!

  26. Judith, your creative space is as lovely as your blog! You're one talented lady. To have one space is great, and you have two!Lucky! I love your creations. Thanks for sharing!

  27. Delightful! especially love the swag and bird chart... now i'm off to go see that gorgeous lavender garden i spotted just below this post... xo Anne

  28. Hi Judith! Thank you so much for letting us have a peak inside your creative world! I really liked the swag you made that hangs over the bird chart. They look really great together!! Have fun at the party my friend!

  29. You really have a place for everything and everything it its place. This is a nicely organized spot to create your art. I bet you have fun here in this spot. Thank you for showing it to us, *smiles* Norma

  30. Thank you for including the story about your chair. I have a rocking chair that belonged to my Grandpa and I have fond memories of him sitting there on the front porch and rocking while the neighborhood children entertained him. I really don't have room for it but cannot bear to part with it!

  31. Thanks for sharing your workspace!!!!! I love the chair!!

  32. Your creative space is wonderful and so organized! Love your little pencil holder.

    Your blog design is lovely!!

  33. It is so nice to have a space dedicated to where we can create! Thanks for the lovely tour!

  34. I understand why you like the color of my walls. :) I love the 50% off coupons from Michaels, AC Moore, and Joanns. And I totally get the pretzels....I have 10 cats. You can't leave anything out around here.

    That swag you created above the bird chart (I like to identify the birds too) is gorgeous!

    Thanks for the La-boratory love.


  35. What a fantastic creative space and so well organized. Thanks for sharing.

  36. Yay Judith!..that was so fun and enchanting touring your realm! Love that special's beuaty really shines through..loved the story behind it..touched my heartWow..! your ceramics are gorgeous..made me think of my mom and Nana who always made ceramics when we were kids..gorgeous work..and your swag is charming! LOved seeing your creative side..such talent! Your space is wonderful...I'd love to dig in to all those supplies! I love grazing Michael's buying supplies! Beautiful...thankyou for sharing such a wonderful charming space!
    Have a sparkling summer wkd..

  37. You are so organized! What a wonderful space!

  38. Isn't it great when we can have such great places to organize and help us create. I love the look of your blog, and I love lavender. I have some on display myself. I am also your newest follower.

  39. Hi Judith~ ~ ~ Thanks for sharing your creative space. I love it that you are using a chair from your Grandparents. Family pieces are so special.
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  40. This is really a nice space where bloggers work. Like it! :)

    manila condominiums


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