Sunday, July 31, 2011

Ivy Trees

Have you ever seen ivy trees?  During vacation last week, I noticed that many of the cottagers had planted ivy on their shady properties and over the years it has densely covered the ground and even started growing up the trees reaching heights of 20 feet and more.  Although it looks nice, the negative effect is that  native plants have been displaced and cannot get started in this thick mat of leaves.
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I'm linking with Mary at Little Red House for Mosaic Monday.


  1. So pretty but it does take over! Love the mosaic.

  2. hi Judith, We have a lot of ivy trees here in the south. i know the ivy will cover everything eventually, and choke out native plants but I think its beautiful. We have a little plant here called Kudzu, and it has spread across acres of the Southeast. It has its own legend know in the south, That you must close your windows at night to keep it out of the house....... Ivy will hold its own, but the Kudzu always wins out. I'm happy you only have ivy. At least its pretty, Kudzu is not.
    Hope your week is great.

    The French Hutch

  3. I've enjoyed the look of ivy on brick buildings, but I guess even that is not very good for the bricks. It'd be better if it were not allowed to grow and take over everything. This sounds like your pet peeve of the week.

    No, I wasn't having a lot of fun earlier today when I tackled the tea cups. I think it's because they are part of my inheritance and, though I love them, they remind me of happier days. I did, however, have lots of fun with the photography and the mosaic making.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Hi Judith, I recently went to a presentation on invasive woody plants. It was quite interesting and I found it disturbing. We as gardeners need to be thoughtful in what we plant. Thanks for sharing.
    xo, Beth

  5. Hello,Judith!
    My garden has ivy, which cover the east fense in my garden. It looks so beautiful, but sometimes I am busy for thining them! Especially they are spreading faster this time of the year!

    It has been hot and humid here in Japan.
    Have a great week, Judith.

  6. I love the looks of the ivy!!! We have a tree covered with ivy. Ivy is something that is prolific here, I have to keep it pulled off of my house since it grows in the mortar between the bricks. It also grows through the mortar and collapses it if left on it. Have a beautiful week!!!

  7. I only use ivy in a container and not in the garden for just that reason. Take care and see for lunch.

  8. What an absolute shame that the native plants have no chance in amongst that thick ivy carpeting and curtaining. Your photos are a great reminder of the need for research before planting.

  9. Hi Judith,
    Welcome back! I hope you had a pleasant vacation:-)
    I see a lot of Ivy trees in this area, they are really pretty, but so evasive, people really frown on them.

  10. Thanks for sharing!
    Have a nice week,

  11. I love the look of Virginia Creeper on a building, but regularly pull up the ivy around here, as it is very invasive. It doesn't die back at all in winter - in fact with the moisture and generally-mild temperatures it grows faster in winter!

  12. It is pretty but a shame it is so invasive. Great post and info. Have a great week!

  13. The ivy looks pretty, but since we have been pulling it out of our holly trees this summer I am not feeling the love any more. It is so invasive!

  14. I guess everyone that has any property has to watch out for the ivy. Yes we had the terrible Kudzu in Ky. Your mosaic is very pretty however.

  15. I imagine there is a down-side to this but it is truly beautiful to see a tree whose trunk is covered with the twiny tendrils of ivy.

    Come for a visit when you have a moment The Gardening Life.

  16. There is a house not far from me that ivy had taken over the whole front and side yard. The house had been on the market for years. Then a few months ago the for sale sign came down and the ivy is being removed. Kudzu is a major problem in the South.

  17. It's beautiful but it's so hard to control! Happy Monday my friend! ♥

  18. Down in the city I have noticed lots of ivy growing in just about everyone's garden. I have a little patch of it but I am watching it to see if it gets invasive. I have enough troubel with the vinca minor. Hope you had a good holiday. Hope to hear about it on Thursday. V

  19. I also don't liek to see trees all covered with ivy or kudzo is si damaging to the tree! Happy Mosaic Monday, Judith!

  20. Hi Judith,

    You don't see too much ivy where I am. I do like it on brick buildings, but I'm not sure about the trees. It is a different look.


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