Monday, June 6, 2011

Tea by the Pond

Welcome friends to tea this week which we're having under the shade of the oak leaf mountain ash by the pond.  I joining my hosts Sandi at Rose Chintz Cottage for Tea Time Tuesday,  Trisha at Sweetology for Tea Party Tuesday, Bernideen's Tea Time for Tea in the Garden on Saturday and Kathy at A Delightsome Life for A Return to Loveliness.
The oak leaf mountain ash is a good selection for a small yard as it stays compact in a columnar form and has berries in the fall that the birds like.
I've brought out the teacup 'Elizabethan' by  Staffordshire to use and have a new tea brewing.  It's called 'The Earl's Garden' .  The package says ' When he wasn't in the China discovering secret tea recipes, Britain's second Earl Grey lived at Howick Hall in England, just like his ancestors had done since 1319.  And also like his ancestors, he was a keen gardener and outdoorsman.  This tea would no doubt have suited him, with the characteristic black tea and bergamot highlighted by strawberries, raspberries and the essence of black currant. ' Sounds delicious, doesn't it?
Teapot sugar cookies on a lacy plate to temp you.
There's also a bowl of cherries.
In the March/April 2011 issue of Victoria magazine, the virtues of liquid gold - meaning honey are explored.   I've found an additional source though in agave nectar, from the agave plant.
I'd heard about using agave as a sweetener and finally got to try it at a new tea store called David's Tea.
The blue and yellow hydrangea napkin looks nice with the butter yellow tablecloth I'm using and there are some lemon wedges in a dish behind the teacup to add to your tea.
Thank you for joining me in the garden for tea on this beautiful sunny day.  I hope you'll visit our hosts for tea with them too.


  1. Hello my friend,
    What a lovely tea outdoors. It's still too cool for me to sit outside just yet. It's only 12 here right now and I like it quite warm before I will sit out. Your mountain ash is very pretty. My mother had lots of them at the old homestead and the birds came in flocks to eat of them.
    I love your tea cup! The detail of the gold and the yellow makes for a very handsome tea cup! The lacy plate is very sweet too. Thanks for joining me for tea again this week. It's always a pleasure to have you!


  2. I saw your comment at Rose Chintz and came for a visit. What a lovely name for your blog.
    - Joy

  3. What a gorgeous time of year to have tea by the pond. That is a beautiful teacup.

  4. The cherries look so delicious, as do the cookies and the setting is beautiful. My husband loved Earl Grey tea, but me-not at all. ♥♫

  5. Tea by the pond, it's is so ironic, but I've been thinkin' how wonderful it would be to have tea by our pond.Love this! I lovin' these cookies too.

  6. Hi Judith, your teacup is very pretty and I love a table set outdoors. Enjoy! Pamela

  7. Cherries, sugar cookies in the shape of tea pots and a wonderful sounding tea. Then add your beautiful garden ... perfect! Happy Tea Day!

  8. I'm an awful mother for wishing my children would hurry up and grow up, and move I could enjoy a cup of tea in my garden just like this! Until then will have to settle for tea out of the Disney Princess plastic dishes by the sandbox. Although, actually, that's kind of nice too.

  9. It just looks so peaceful. Nothing like a calming pot of tea. (Just one cup won't do!)

  10. Taking tea outdoors is such a delight, but by the pond using that beautiful tea cup... just perfection!

  11. Love your teacup and especially your teapot shaped cookies! How fun! Perfect for tea by your olovely pond!

  12. What a beautiful place to have a cup of tea. Looks like you are having the perfect weather for one too.

  13. Judith..this is an absolutely lovely post..I poured over every picture! Wow...that yellow teacup is so regal...but no shock that I am partial to those sweet little teapot cookies! HOw cute!! I too have wanted to use agave nectar and think I just may be getting some this week. Hugs to you on Tea Tuesday!!

  14. I'd love to sit by your pond for a cup of tea and a little conversation. I'm afraid though, that I'd bend your ear with questions about the garden.
    Of course, you could come and have tea by my pond and make garden suggestions!

  15. I so want to sit down and have a chat and a cup of delicious tea down by the pond. Sounds heavenly. V

  16. Thanks for the peek at your garden. The pond is beautiful! Some day I'd love to come see your handiwork in person! The tea sounds good. How did you like the agave nectar? I've never tried it. Do you like stevia? I haven't tried that either, but have seen it sold as an herb for the garden. Lovely tea cup. Have a wonderful week!
    Blessings and hugs, Beth

  17. Hi Judith, My ammi majus is up, about 3" as well. It appears that the white balloon flowers and white obediente plant that I started from seed are not going to make it. I didn't have good luck starting seed inside this year. So I had to improvise on my moon garden. It's small but pretty.
    Hugs, beth

  18. That tea sounds marvelous! I have heard of Agave sweetener too, but hadn't tried it - looks tempting! Lovely teacup and perfect teatime material - Victoria! :)
    Thank you for sharing this lovely post with A Return to Loveliness,

  19. Judith,

    Tea by the pond ... how lovely! Your gold teacup is gorgeous as well as your hydrangea napkin. I will be joining you too for Tea in the Garden on Saturday.

  20. Hi Judith,
    I love that mountain ash- I have never heard of that variety before.
    I would love to sit by the pond in your garden and have a cup of tea with you-I am sure there would be lots of garden talk.
    Are you all ready for your tour-I hope your weather will co-operate!

    Take care,

  21. Sounds like an interesting tea. Love that napkin!

  22. Hello Judith,
    thank you for that delightfuul tea time. Your cookies look so cute and I love Earl Grey tea because I love all what is related to citrus. I have never heard before about Agave nectar. How did you like it?
    Best greetings, Johanna

  23. Like you, I use agave nectar, very good sweetener for summer time fruit smoothies.


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