Thursday, June 16, 2011

Pocket Hostas

Hello blogging friends.  Today is Cottage Flora Thursday, hosted by Tracie at Fishtail Cottage.  I hope you'll visit a few gardens to see what's blooming.
I have mostly medium sized hostas in our garden beds, the large ones would take up too much room.  But the miniatures are sweet and great for tucking into little pockets.
I'm a great believer in garden art to create a focal point, add interest or mystery and to feature collections.  We live in a bungalow but there's still a lot of bare brick showing and I like to  hang iron and pieces of other materials on the walls.
Click to enlarge

Thanks for dropping by to see a little bit of Lavender Cottage.


  1. Love the garden art and love the mini Hostas. I have a couple of minis also.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. The iron pieces on your brick wall look fantastic! I love hostas too! Thanks for stopping by!!


  3. Why don't I know the mini hostas? Adorable. I too love all of your iron pieces.

  4. Hi Judith, it is always a pleasure to stop by for a virtual visit to Lavender Cottage. I love how you describe your plantings a pocket hostas. I know what you mean about some of them getting big, mine are doing that this year. Your decorative iron work looks lovely.

  5. Good Day, milady! Your little pockets are precious - love the stone work. My husband is passionate about trimming all and everything in our yard with stone - but the garden budget just won't have it. Your iron work is a lovely touch - you have inspired me today with some ideas . . .
    Miss Kathy

  6. I love your wall art and your miniature hostas. We have lots of hostas, but not many miniatures. I do like them and especially like the third one you showed. I like your art, too, Judith. I really like the little angels in the first photo, the rabbit plaque and the rocks.
    blessings, Beth

  7. Hello Judith,
    Your hostas are very lovely. I especially like the first picture with the garden fairies. Your collection of the wall art pieces is incredible. So pretty!

  8. garden wall art is a great idea! I never though to take some pics of what's hanging on the fence and house around the gardens. love the mini hostas too.

  9. I love hostas in the garden too! One side of our house gets quite a bit of shade, so they grow well there. The iron pieces really do add something pretty to the bare brick walls. I like that black one the best.

  10. I didn't know there are pocket hostas available. They are cute. I love your wall art! The rabbits are sweet.

  11. Your garden art and mini hostas are lovely!
    The garden fairies are so pretty! I have a stone lantern in my garden. It is a quite Japanese garden. Thank you for sharing your garden. Here in Japan, now is the rainy season,but some flowers are beautifuly blooming.

  12. Your garden is so pretty - I like garden art too, especially ironwork.

  13. Hi Judith,
    I've never seen the little ones, they are so cute!! I am going to watch for them in bloom, I hope you will share some pics! Love the white iron work too:-))
    I hope you are having a great weekend!

  14. Gorgeous Hosta's! so cute & tiny.... Thanks so much for linking up to Cottage Flora Thursday's! xoxo, tracie

  15. Beautiful hostas Judith! I love the color variegation.

  16. Judith,

    Your blog is so lovely; I want to walk around your garden, teacup in hand. I've decided to "follow" you, so I will return to this beautiful place.

  17. Love the wall ....Those butterfly metal frames look incredible...!!! Lovely !


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