Monday, May 23, 2011


Welcome for tea this week my friends.  I want to share a sweet little tea room called SerendipiTea that a friend and I drove just over an hour to in the town of Midland for high tea last week.  The food was excellent and the rooibos vanilla tea I had was aromatic and kept hot on the burner supplied for each patron.
You can see that there are lots of teas to choose from.  

Various linens and tea things for sale.
Well, I do have a photo of the tiered tray from the high tea but I have just started using a Mac computer and for the life of me, can't seem to be able to post it.  There were finger sandwiches, scones, lemon cake, shortbread, strawberries and chocolates, all very delicious.
Every table had a quilt draped over it and covered with glass; the only downfall I can say about the tea room is that they used paper napkins whereas linen ones would have completed the desired effect.
I'm linking with my Tea for Tuesday host Sandi at Rose Chintz Cottage and hope you'll join us as well.


  1. Judith~ this looks so fun...just lovely. I just get so giddy when I explore upon new tea rooms, especially with good friends who can appreciate their unique charm and beauty. Thank you for sharing ~ Hugs Trish

  2. That looks like a delightful tea room where the teas are beautifully displayed. I was surprised to see the paper napkins for they have every other accoutrement befitting a high tea. Perhaps the laundry hadn't been done. I so wish we had a tea room anywhere around. I know of none and there are times when I want to take a friend out for just such an experience.

  3. What a treat that must have been. For all the years we lived in Simcoe County, I never visited Midland.

  4. Judith, It looks like you had fun! The teapot is just stunning! The food and tea sound really good. I hope you enjoy your new computer. Have a great week, and thanks for sharing yoru tearoom experience.

  5. Oh, Judith, what a wonderful spot to have tea! Looks like a place that I would love myself. Tea things and linens and I would feel right at home! And what a sight; all those teas lined up on shelves! What fun to choose one!
    Hope you get the knack of your new computer soon. Thanks for joining me for tea and enjoy your garden.


  6. Too bad they used paper napkins when they sell cloth ones right there. The room looks very charming with its beautiful teapots though...Christine

  7. What a delightful spot to visit. It was worth the drive.
    A Mac eh? That will be my next computer. Looking forward to reading how you cope with it.

  8. Hi Judith, I must try that tea room. Love, love the brown transferware teapot. Give me a call if you have any questions about the new Mac. hugs, Jen.

  9. Judith,
    What a fabulous tee shop! Love that cupboard with all of those teas in it! So fun.

  10. This looks wonderful! I haven't seen tea burner warmers before. Interesting. Pamela

  11. Hi Judith,

    What a beautiful place! It sounds delightful and I'm glad you and your friend enjoyed SerendipiTea. I wish we had something like that around here. I agree with you about the napkins. They make such a nice presentation. Good luck with your new Mac.

  12. Judith,

    I love tea rooms. They are each so alike and yet so different. Looks like you have a wonderful time! Happy Tea Day!

  13. Hi Judith: Midland is a place I have not visited in some time. Looks like a great place to stop and have a cup of tea. I am sure you will get up and running with the Mac. V

  14. Looks like a very enjoyable tea room, Judith! I have to agree about the napkins. :) If you have any Mac questions, feel free to ask. – g

  15. Oh, I would love to go to a tea room someday! This sounds wonderful, Judith!

    Thank you for mentioning the Cornell Ornithology website - I am definitely going to spend some time there, as I hear many more bird songs/calls than I see birds. :)

    Wishing you a lovely day,

  16. Looks like a wonderful tea room! Love the teapot warmers! Hope you get the hang of your Mac. Would love a new one! This one is so old - but it is my friend :)
    Happy Weekend,


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