Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Going Grass-less

Going grass-less is not for everyone but we've slowly removed all of ours except for a small strip on the north side of the house...and it's on the way out too before long.  The cost of water and the results of hot, dry summers in the past that included grub damage were what got us thinking about this radical change.
We have just finished the renovation in the back yard so let's take a tour so I can show you how it looks.
This is the north side entrance to the backyard and from the gate towards the front is still grass.  The rhubarb stepping stones had been implanted in the grass and since I like the look of them, put them back into the pea gravel.  The path leads right to the....
 magnolia which is almost fully open now.
The gate on the south side with a bit of grass still peeking out.  We used the newspaper method again - lay several sheets thick of it, water to hold in place and help with decomposition and lay the stone right on top.  I'm going to have a small veggie garden again right in front of the compost bins where the old garden was.  It's been hard the last couple of summers not having fresh beans and carrots to pick but that will happen again!  I use the square foot way of gardening to utilize the space.
I took this photo from the deck to show what a large area of grass it was and it slopes pretty good too.  So big, we thought, let's forget the newspaper as the 2-3 inch layer of mulch will smother the grass.  Well, it isn't working very well here as our dog runs through here in hot pursuit of squirrels and before we know it, the grass is uncovered.
Cora Stubbs is one of the new peonies I bought for this area and luckily she came with 2 blooms that are very fragrant.  The other one is Kirinmaru but it was a bare root purchase from a catalogue and is just beginning to emerge.
And, the view from the deck of the other end of the yard.  Little fences keep the bunnies away and from doggy paws trampling young plants.
I hoped you enjoyed the tour, as the shrubs and plants bloom and mature I'll show the backyard again in the summer.
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  1. I think it looks great and with all your garden beds it still feels very organic.

    Blessings Kelsie

  2. Hi Judith,
    I am no fan of grass either, boring :-)) Your garden is lookin good, I love your Magnolia mine is still a little guy, when he grows up he wants to llok like yours :-) Mine only has a couple blooms left.
    wishing you sunny days,

  3. I love the grassless idea. Many people out here are doing due to the drought we experience every summer (hard to believe today, that in a month we'll be wailing about drought, but that's the Island!)

  4. Sorry....should have been DESERT (not dessert). Spell check would have been a good idea, huh?

  5. We live in a high Alpine dessert valley...grass is NOT something that does well here. So when we moved here 9 yrs ago, we rocked the entire property ~ except for the flower beds. Which are of good size and allow my green thumb to play in the dirt.
    I really like your 'new' yard. You'll find it much easier to tend. Nice job!


  6. Thanks for linking your post to Cottage Flora Thursday's - i cannot imagine going grassless....but i know someday i will run out of room in my garden beds & may need to hee hee! oxox, tracie

  7. I would love to be grassless, but I live in a mobile home park. Thus, limited choices. What a good idea, think of money saved with no mowing. That's another strict thing here. :( I'd love to have a lawn of wildflowers!

  8. You have a lovely yard. I have 4 acres of grass... I can't be grassless. It has to be mowed about every other weekend. Beutiful peony.

  9. Wow that looks fabulous. You have done a lot since the last time I was there. V

  10. What a beautiful garden you have! I admire you going grassless - maybe some day. For now, I have grass pathways. I, too, am trying to smother the grass in a new (large) bed with just a thick layer of mulch. Not sure it's going to work very well, especially after I saw your post. :( Live and learn!

  11. I think you are smart to get rid of your grass yard, especially where it's not a huge one and you can make paths and gardens. It looks so nice and I can't wait to see pictures of it when it matures. No more lawn mowing! ;-)

  12. I like it a lot. I hope you'll keep us posted throughout the summer. Would you consider blogging about your vegetable gardening too? I'd like to see that method put into practice.


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