Monday, April 4, 2011

Favourite cupboard

Welcome to tea today my friends.  I'm joining Tea Time Tuesday as usual  hosted by Sandi at Rose Chintz Cottage as well as a special Heart of the Home party hosted by Sheila from Notesongs to feature your favourite cupboard.
I'm using a Maxwell Williams 'Rosebud' teacup and have rooibus vanilla brewing in the teapot.  Although I have some very nice china teapots, when by myself, I like to use this double-walled stainless steel one from Paderno which has a built in infuser and keeps the tea hot for ages.
Instead of something sweet, I often like a scone or piece of bread with tea and I have a fresh baked loaf of Irish soda bread. 
Lots of raisins and warm from the oven, spread some butter on a slice and it's delicious. 
Now, let me tell you about my favourite cupboard.  There was no problem choosing it because it had a transformation last year.
Originally it was a display case for products when I sold Mary Kay cosmetics.  Afterwards it held my cookbooks and bits of this and that.  But the colour didn't match the oak cupboards so a paint job was in order.  A shelf was built in for my cookbooks and this left the cupboard open for a new purpose.
Now, this is my tea cupboard with many regular, flavoured and herbal teas to choose from.
There are some fresh scones under glass too most days and the pretty hand-embroidered butterfly cloth is from my friend Eva.
My collection of tea books are on the top and bottom shelves and full of good recipes and traditions.
I just realized I didn't open the doors to show what's below the tea things but it's pretty much a storage place for the blender, food processor, cake stands and the vintage linen tea/cocktail napkins.
Won't you join us for tea or to show off your favourite cupboard?


  1. Your cupboard looks lovely as do the Irish soda bread and tea. Have a nice day.

  2. That is delightful! Nicely done.

  3. I think I have a china mug the same pattern as your cup and saucer!
    Great makeover on the favourite cupboard, and a great idea to use it for all things tea-related, including cake. Wouldn't last long in this house if it were on display (the cake, that is!).

  4. Hello Judith,
    What a wonderful transformation! I love the new paint colour and it's a charming spot for all your tea things! Your soda bread looks delicious and a slice of that with a cup of tea sounds just lovely to me! Your Rose Bud teacup always looks lovely when you post it! Thanks for joining me today and I hope you have a beautiful sunny week.


  5. Hi Judith,
    I love your teakettle, I am searching for a new one myself, I'll have to check this brand, your has great style. Your bread looks delicious, I love breads and yours makes me wanna bake:-))
    I am glad you picked your newly painted white cupboard, I enjoy seeing it and you gave it a great makeover:-)

  6. Everything looks lovely, and I love your selection of teas in your cupboard..such a transformation! The china is lovely also and I wouldn't resist a slice of that freshly baked Irish soda bread! Your kitchen would be swirling with such lovely perfumes! yvette@twistedvines

  7. This is a wonderful cupboard. I can see why it is your favorite. Beautiful tea things.

  8. Very nice. I have to say the bread looks fantastic. In fact that would be a wonderful post with that recipe. Hint. :)
    Goldenray Yorkies

  9. Don't you just like the versatility of the cupboard? I like it painted white. Very nice!..Christine

  10. Thanks for your visit..I love your sweet cupboard, it's super darling and love the cute things on it too. I take it you love too! Come say hi any time :D

  11. I love to read about a piece of furniture that's been refreshed and re-purposed. This one is a winner - and what an indulgence, to have a cupboard for tea!

  12. Hi Judith! Oh, I love love your tea cupboard! The color is so soft and pretty. Love how you've dressed her up with your tea things! It's just perfect.
    Thank you so much for coming to my party.
    You are a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  13. Great makeover on the cupboard Judith. I like it painted the creamy white. Take care, Jen

  14. What a great idea to have a tea cupboard! I love the cupboard painted better. Your bread looks very yummy! Wonderful post. Pamela

  15. The cup is exquisite! I love the cupboard, a tea lover myself,it is always nice to see someone sharing my passion! LOL love the decor and the ideas! The bread looks delicious, might I add ;)


  16. I love your cupboard. And your bread looks so delicious!


  17. I love your *new* old cupboard. All your tea things look at home in it. That's quite a tea pot ... i may have to look for one. happy tea day.

  18. Hi, Judith, I'm Holly! I love painted cupboards and yours is just perfect! ♥

  19. Your cupboard looks like my favorite cupboard. But, mine is still the original pine finish and open on the bottom. Love the versatility it offers. Your tea displays are great and suited to it's white finish. I never get tired of changing out the antiques,cookbooks,plates,Santas,copper,glass, you name it - it's been displayed on my favorite cupboard! Love your scone pedestal cake plate, what a treat to sneak one of those!!

  20. I LOVE your beautiful cupboard. How delightful to have such a special place for all your teas and tea things.
    Thanks so much for following..I THINK I have followed you for a long time but I'd better check. Many times I think I am a follower and discover I'm not.:(
    xo bj

  21. Kudos for your lovely new color for your cupboard. My teas just sit on my counter. My Jewel Tea collection is on my cabinet, doesn't qualify as a cupboard- all open shelves. But I love my collection because it's reminiscent of my mom's Jewel Tea dishes. Perhaps I'll take a picture and put it on my blog; I'm sure I could write a bit about it and my mom.

  22. Hello Judith,
    your shown Maxwell Williams 'Rosebud' is really a treasure. Love the roses on it. Your cupboard turned out to a beauty and looks really adorable with the different teas and treasures.
    Greetings, Johanna

  23. Hello Judith,
    What a lovely cupboard! I didn't think I had anything cute but, I guess I might?!
    I love your display of teas! So many - I have all of mine behind doors!
    Just absolutely love your tea cupboard! Gorgeous!
    Hope you have a very Delightsome day,

  24. Hi Judith,
    Looks like you have a good selection of teas in your lovely cupboard.
    That Irish Soda bread looks delicious.


  25. Judith, I dropped by from Shelia's, and your cupboard is just as cute as can be and perfect for your tea items. I like your paint job, too. This is the perfect spot to enjoy a cup of tea. Great job here...


    Sheila :-)

  26. What a charming cupboard! I am really eyeing your tea books. I love tea books. Have you ever posted on them? I would love to know more. Thanks for sharing your pretties.

  27. Judith,

    I would just love to join you for tea! Your Maxwell Williams 'Rosebud' pattern is stunning and I love the transformation of your cupboard. Now you can enjoy all your teas and accessories in one place.

  28. Love the makeover on your cupboard. Trish

  29. Judith, I so very much enjoyed this post! I learned a little more about you, for example, that you sold MK cosmetics and that you have a talent for refinishing furniture! Love your cupboard and it was fun seeing all the teas (it's nice to have a variety to choose from, isn't it?). Love the rosebud tea cup too. It is stunning! Would love to join you for a cup of vanilla rooibus and thanks for introducing me to it.
    Blessings, Beth

  30. Everything looks great. I love having a peek inside china, love dishes. Great post....looking forward to more. Fellow Canadian, Diane

  31. I love your tea cupboard, I use to sell MK too :)


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