Monday, February 7, 2011

Valentine Teacup Exchange

Welcome friends for tea this week as I join Sandi at Rose Chintz Cottage for Tea Time Tuesday.
I posted previously about a tea swap I took part in; well, I also participated in a teacup trade hosted by Faith Hope and Cherrytea.
My partner this time was Teresa from Ohio and in her letter she said how much fun she had shopping for me....
Each little package was wrapped in lavender tissue, some tulle, and a lavender ribbon.  Topaz was even sent a scarf with frogs on it and he posed for his picture wearing his present.
All kinds of tea, some cute Valentine tissues,
a lavender white tea bath soak, a fairy pot sitter, teacup calender , Victorian garden stickers,
some pretty linens, a plush teapot from Cracker Barrel and...

a Paragon teacup that has a faint hint of lavender under the gold leaves and scrolls.  Isn't this beautiful?  The flowers on the saucer and inside the cup are special to me as a gardener.  An excellent choice for me Teresa and thank you for all the goodies you sent.
Put your kettle on and come visit the ladies gathered for tea.  I hope you'll also have a look at how the Valentine teacup exchange is going.


  1. Beautiful gifts! I'd love to take tea with you and Topaz. I simply adored the two cock-a-poos I've been lucky enough to have in my life.

  2. What a beautiful tea cup and so perfect for you.

  3. WOW, you really got some beautiful things. I would not mind joining something like that next time around. I think it would be fun exchanging gifts.


  4. Judith, That teacup is gorgeous!!! You got a lot of really nice things, and I know you'll enjoy sampling all of the teas. Topaz looks content with his scarf too. Have a great evening!
    Blessings, Beth

  5. What a wonderful assortment of gifts! And, your teacup is so very pretty! This swap has been soooo much fun!

  6. What amazing gifts Judith, they are so pretty. Love the fairy pot sitter. Have a wonderful tea and take care. hugs, Jen

  7. Hello Judith,
    My friend, you did very well with your swap! What a stunning teacup! I just love it! What a thoughtful lady Teresa is to even think of your darling Topaz! All of your gifts are lovely and well deserved too, I might add. Thanks for sharing them with us and, as always, thanks for joining me for tea. Have a lovely week.


  8. Such a lovely thing to participate in. You did well my friend.

  9. Judith, Such beautiful gift. To find that the lovely teacup had that hint of lavender was just the perfect touch for you. Enjoy your wonderful gifts. Blessing. PS really love the soft teapot. Touch of whimsy that makes me smile.

  10. Hi Judith!
    Thank you for the visit. I see you also received a wonderful and thoughtful gift. Topaz is a handsome little fellow! It was really nice that your partner thought of him as well :) I really love gardening too and am about to become your newest follower. Thanks for the inspiration.
    Please stop by and visit anytime.

  11. Me again! Thank you for being my 50th follower. I am truly blessed. My hubby and I are made for country roads. Trust me we are not senile in the least yet, lol, but seeing this "white/grey heavy dust" that covered our tires, the fenders etc etc made us laugh like kids. We both grew up in much more country area and ended up in Florida due to family members. My hubby is a shy quiet man for most purposes but together we are like balloons that wave beautifully in the sky. I am the balloon that would float away on being dreamy, romantic, impulsive, he is the "string" that grounds me, but as the "balloon" to his string, I allow him to experience more color, more adventure, more fun in his life. We go together perfectly. We have a sign on our porch that says: "We may not have it all together, but together we have it all". He knows that I have friends who have been to Iowa and it is a big thing to sit where Clint did, so he happily did that for pictures for me. Of course he did not mind in the least that all thru Iowa I would whisper softly to him that he was my "Clint Eastwood". Thank you so much for giving me inspiration and friendship through your beautiful blog and yourself. Blessings.

  12. Hi Judith,
    These swaps look like a lot of fun and what a beautiful cup!! Topaz looks quite dapper in his scarf, what a good boy to wear it so calmly:-))
    I used to fight to keep the chandelier in my bedroom clean, then I learned there is a no wipe spray that cleans them really well, super easy... ha now you'll have to find a new one:-))

  13. What a fantastic exchange! The teacup and handkerchiefs are really beautiful. It's really lovely that you have these relationships and that everyone is so generous. Thank you for the treat! – g

  14. What a great exchange!
    The button for the exchange reminds me of a cross stitch I did years ago of a tower of teacups - it was gorgeous!

  15. Lovely surprises, Judith!
    i am sooo pleased for our new friendships gained through the TeaCup Trade! the loveliest gift of the many you received!
    Thank you for joining me & making it such a wonderful success!! ")

  16. Beautiful gifts!! I am green with envy!


  17. Hello Judith,
    this swap was really pretty. All the nice things and the gorgeous tea cup. Also Topaz looks really dapper with his cute green scarf.
    Greetings, Johanna

  18. What a beauty! I sent you an award please pop over to take a look!


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