Saturday, February 5, 2011

Tea Swap

Lady Estelle hosted a tea swap which I participated in and my partner was Deborah from Arkansas.  Her parcel arrived in the mail last week with all kinds of goodies.
Join me for tea as I show you what Deborah sent me.  I'm using my lavender tea pot and mug with wild black currant herbal tea that was one of varieties I received.  The lavender necklace was also one of my gifts.
I'll be serving the tiny tarts for a Valentine's Tea I've invited some friends for on the 11th.  The pastry is butter, cream cheese and flour, and the filling is seedless raspberry jam.
This adorable card brought greetings from my swap partner and there's a packet of English Breakfast tea poking out of the teapot.
Some of the teas, a teapot book mark and 4 different patterns of napkins.
The weather has turned a bit milder after the storm we had Tuesday and Wednesday but it did leave behind lots of snow.
The tea swap was fun and I'll take pleasure in brewing each packet of tea to try.


  1. Hi Judith, How wonderful to recieve a box of goodies on a snowy day, perfect tea weather. Love the pretty card withthe tea bag popping out the the teapot, sweet! I am sure your tea party will be enjoyed by all :-))

  2. What a pleasant gift from your tea partner. The napkins are so fitting for your tea settings. Warm hugs to you!

  3. What a lovely exchange!'ll be enjoying it for a while yet.

  4. Hi Judith: Wasn't that so lovely to have a tea swap. You received some tasty teas to try. Look forward to those tarts. I will have to diet all week. V

  5. Hi Judith, The swap looks like a lot of fun! Love the first photo - it is so calm and beautiful. You are very good at creating still lifes. The tarts look good and I'm glad you got such fun goodies in the swap. Cute tea card, too.
    Blessings, Beth

  6. I as happy you had such a lovely tea swap. Thank you for sharing. I hope you will be joining more tea swaps on the "Tea Lover's Corner."
    Lady Estelle

  7. Thank you for posting the pictures of your tea swap gift. I like the teapot bookmark and the beautiful napkins.


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