Sunday, February 13, 2011

Kitchen Gadget Party

The kitchen gadget party is hosted by Lynn from Happier Than a Pig in Mud.  We all have kitchen toys we can't live without and the one I think has impressed me the most is my Roul' Pat baking mat.
It's a new addition to my kitchen gadgets because in the past we always had an arborite counter top and I'd just throw out some flour to roll the dough on.  Once we did our kitchen reno however, I didn't want to roll directly on the granite top and remembered seeing these mats in my favourite kitchen store catalogue.  They're not cheap but how I wish I'd had one years ago.  The mat has little pockets in it that hold the flour so that it doesn't slide away on the counter and you end up using less than before. 
Pictured are the cutouts for scones I was baking this day and after wiping down the mat, you just roll it up and store in your baking cupboard.
Come join the fun of showing off your favourite kitchen gadget.  Visit Lynn's blog to see what others find is their favourite thing.


  1. Hi Judith! Your mat looks like it would come in very handy! Your scones are beautiful and I'm lovin' that adorable cut out dish!
    Thanks so much for joining the Gadget Party-Happy Valentine's Day-enjoy:@)

  2. Nice mat.. Tupperware used to have one of those too which I had in the past. Your blog is beautiful.. Your milk glass plate is very nice as well.. I'm making a cup of tea that I'll have with one of those scones.. :)

    Tranquil Acres of Alexandria
    Your newest follower

  3. Love lavender ... love your site ... Thanks for sharing the info about the mat. Gonna have to find one!

  4. I need to have one of those -- it would be much nicer than rolling things out on the counter. Save a scone for me. Joni

  5. Great gadget -- I have a Bethany pastry board and LOVE using it for rolling out pastry and such. Makes clean-up easy too :)


  6. Your scones look delicious! That mat is a great idea!

  7. Hi, I popped over from Happier Than A Pig In Mud for the Kitchen Gadget Party. So fun to meet another grandmother online. Happy Valentine's Day! :)

  8. That looks like a wonderful rolling mat! I'll have to look for it here but I do roll on my granite. Mine doesn't have that sandy feel that some have.

  9. Hi Judith, I have a mat from Tupperware with measurements on it for rolling out the dough and I love it too! It slips a little but if I put a little water under it the problem goes away. Those scones look delicious!

  10. I've often wondered if they were special mats. Thanks for the suggestion.

  11. This looks like a great little kitchen helper...
    Have a beautiful week!!!

  12. Happy Valentine's Day.
    I have seen these mats but never tried one. Next time I come across one I will look closer.

  13. There will now be a run on those mats in all the stores!

  14. The scones look fantastic and the mat looks like it is a real time saver. I spend a lot of time scraping dough and flour off the counter. Fun gadget!
    Have a Happy Valentine's Day.

  15. What a great rolling mat and your blog is beautiful, I can almost smell the lavender. BTW I'm following you now

  16. I use my counter top to roll out dough, too. Sometimes, I do use foil. I really need one of these fine mats. But what I need the most is a cup of hot, sweet tea and A SCONE. Yummy..these look so good.

  17. Judith,

    I will have to look for one of those mats. I seem to get flour everywhere!

    Your scones look delicious.

    Happy Valentine's Day!


  18. Ah, this baking mat sounds wonderful, Judith! Next time I'm in the city...
    Happy Valentine's Day!!!

  19. Yummo! I still need to find my momma's rolling pin.

  20. What a nice mat, Judith. I was rolling out cookies today directly on my counter top - I think your mat would work better. Thanks for sharing information about it. See you for tea later.
    Blessings, Beth

  21. What a great mat! Love the pockets to keep from losing flour.
    I'm going to have to check this out.

  22. Hi Judith,
    That mat is a great idea. Love those scones. I need to make some of those. Yum.


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