Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Comfort Food

We're experiencing a huge snowstorm that's been dubbed the 'Groundhog Day' storm.
 From our front door this morning....
The two lumps you see on either side of the entrance way are plastic penguins that do look cute when they can be seen.  It has been snowing heavily since about midnight last night and icicles have formed over the front door this year.
This kind of weather makes you want to curl up in front of a crackling fireplace with a good book.
I made a big pot of chili that is a well known comfort food for cold and snowy days.  How many times after a skating party, going tobogganing or skiing down hills has the day ended with a bowl of steaming chili?  Some Parmesan garlic cheese straws are tasty on the side.
 With my afternoon tea today I will have a slice of orange pecan tea loaf.  It has dried cranberries and apricots in it with an orange glaze on top.  Now that's what I call comforting!  (I'll put the recipe in my recipe section on the left sidebar)
If this storm is hitting your area too, stay warm and cook up some comfort food yourself.


  1. I sure do remember storms like this when I was a child growing up outside of Niagara Falls. We used to make snow forts in yard and ice skate in the woods.
    Your photos are beautiful....and your taste treats looks yummy! I'll have to make the cranberry bread! It's -10 here right now!
    Hugs from Jan in Colorado

  2. I pulled out chili from my freezer! Same idea in my mind. I'm wanting to make the orange pecan tea loaf when I can get out again to get the ingredients. :) We have layers of ice with snow added. Lots of Indiana counties have emergency warnings out, meaning travel for emergency only. Mother Nature is taking a toll on us.

  3. Greetings from Ohio! We had a winter storm here last night also. Our county is under a level 2,but the snow and ice has stop. I think of comfort foods on days like these also. I plan to bake some cookies! Enjoying a day off at home also!!

  4. thx for sharing such delish treats with us!
    i'll be happy they're included in your recipes ~
    stay warm & have a cup of tea on me!

  5. I hoping the storm is on its last hurrah in our area. Schools were shut down giving me an uexpected day at home. I'll be checking for the orange pecan tea bread recipe. It sounds and looks delicious.

  6. Your snow level is astonishing, Judith, but you are certainly coping with it in the very best way - relaxing with wonderful food and I'm sure terrific books and a cozy fire. ALMOST makes me wish we had snow, but not quite. Today it's sunny and in the 40s so I'm heading out to tidy up the hellebores as they are about to open buds. I'm excited about that. Have a wonderful and safe week! – g

  7. Hello Judith, looks like you got hit too!
    We are making a pot of chicken soup today, then cheesy potato tomorrow.
    Your bread looks so yummy!
    Have a great evening.

  8. It sounds like you're coping very well. We watched the weather channel with horror this morning - you certainly got hit!

  9. Wow, what a storm you had! A great day to eat chili and orange pecan tea bread and relax by the fire. Lovely photos, especially of the fire and the icicles! Stay warm! I like how you have little headers on your left sidebar to guide your readers. I think Karen did a great job with your blog design.
    Blessings, Beth

  10. I totally agree with you. The only thing I like about this weather is cozying up in my chair and reading a book and drinking some hot tea. Your recipes sounds great, I will have to check them out.


  11. I'm a bit jealous of all of you who are snowed in, it sounds so cozy. I lived in Oakville, Ont. for 6 years when I was a child and I loved ice skating! I had my own ice skates and I just thought it was the best thing ever!!!

    That chili looks delicious! Stay warm:)

  12. The food looks good and warm..the snow, freakin insane!

  13. Looks like you had to shovel your way out the front door. I had an appointment this morning and it was pretty crazy driving. Thank heavens I was not going far. I think Chilli and a slice of fruit loaf sounds so good for a day like today. V

  14. Hi Judith,
    I hope you are enjoying your snow day (week?) it looks so cozy! We have had very little snoow this year, the garden is bursting to get going, now it will probably snow, haha :-))
    Stay warm, love those icicles:-))

  15. Lovely pictures, they're making me remember the great snow we had in December, with icicles too (we would never, ever have icicles form).
    Your chilli-in-a-china-cup is a fabulous idea, I will try that. looks so pretty.
    Enjoy your afternoon tea, face the window and look at that beautiful white view!


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