Thursday, January 13, 2011

Summer Gardens

After viewing Beth's garden here it made me want to go to my picture files to look at my own gardens because there's no colour here throughout winter other than white.
As much as gardening is therapeutic, looking at pretty gardening pictures in winter is too so I'm linking to Fertilizer Friday at Tootsie Time.
The front garden in June of last year.  By late July it is all filled in as everything grows, especially the 3 butterfly bushes along the driveway.  Do we miss having grass?  No way!
Part of the prairie garden on the south side where you can see the purple western ironweed and yellow cup plant.  There is also a number of ornamental grasses in this area.
By this summer, the north side will be the only place where we have grass left. (only a small patch left in the backyard)  It's vertical gardening along the wall with a clematis just out of sight to the right of the two mirrors and butterfly pot holders.  Between them, the script says lavender.
The Japanese garden on the NE corner as you enter the backyard has a tranquil quality to it with a Buddha overseeing the tea ceremony.  The blue and white teapot is just barely visible in front of him.  He's surrounded by Soloman's seal, brunnera 'Jack Frost', Japanese painted fern 'Burgundy Lace', cascading hakonechloa 'Aureola' and behind, not in bloom yet the sassy chelone 'Hot Lips' turtlehead.
The reading garden at the back of the property is a favourite place of mine.  The bench is backed by the garden shed and faces the pond.  The perfect setting  for morning coffee and connecting with nature.  In this garden is astrantia, woodland phlox, hostas, cimicifuga and the viburnum lantana 'Variegatum' shrub I'm so proud of.  I bought it as a tiny plant in a 6 inch pot and it's maturing into a real showpiece beside the pond.
The rock garden follows the deck on the east side and behind the hosta is bleeding heart 'Luxuriant'.
The tea house is on the SE corner of the backyard and provides a shady place for afternoon tea as seen here.  Pink peonies and yellow daylilies are in bloom as it's early June but the monarda, purple coneflower, summer phlox and sidacea change it to a riot of colour by mid summer.  And, these are only a few of the plants in this garden.
I hope the colours and textures from my gardens have cheered you up if you're in snow country like us.  Have a look to see what others are sharing.


  1. I sure miss the garden. I can see bare limbs and wet dirt. I know this season will pass but, I'm already planning for some new things in my 2011 garden. Thank you for your inspiration.

  2. How wonderful on a cold wintery day to enjoy some of your garden photos from last summer. It warmed my heart.

  3. Enticing ... hurry up Spring! My impatiens just bloomed in the house ... yah!

    Have a beautiful weekend ~
    TTFN ~

  4. Hi Judith, That was fantastic, thank you so much for the lovely tour. I needed a break in the garden. Take care, Jen.

  5. Hi Judith,
    It was fun to look back with you! The purple western ironweed really got my attention-it is so beautiful.
    The tea with your sweet grandchildren was lovely also.


  6. Hi Judith, How lovely to have a stroll down memory lane with you today! The color just makes my eyes happy, heavy rain and mud here :-)

  7. Oh Judith...I'm sooooo lovely all the color. As I've grown older I just abhor winter more than ever. :( I try not to...I honestly try to enjoy it while knowing in my heart new growth and life is coming. is so dark and dry and dreary looking here in Oklahoma USA that I just can't help but want the cold months OVER! And over fast!

    Thanks for a view of Spring and Summer. I so needed it today!

    Love to you~


  8. Your photos are definitely cheering, Judith! It always amazes me how gardens look in the winter and what they become by July. We have yet to get rid of much of our lawn but D is determined to have it so I let him deal with it! – g

  9. It's good to be reminded of other seasons. There's colour here, but it's muddy and damp, dank and dreary - thank goodness for the busy birds :-)

  10. I love this post, Judith! It gave me a lot of views of your gardens. I love your front garden and your Asian garden. Also your tea house! Wow! Your gardens are spectacular, Judith. I think it is so neat that even though everyone's garden is different and reflects their individuality, each is beautiful in its own way. I would love to see more views of your pond, Judith; perhaps in a future post.
    Hugs, Beth

  11. I adore your front garden...just wish I had the nerve to remove our grass...maybe I'll start by widening a the flower bed! Thanks for sharing your garden on this cold winter's day.

  12. this is a great post to share on Fertilizer Friday!!!! I love it! It makes me just ache for summer...I can't wait to see more from your gardens!!! thanks for linking in today...I do hope you will share again!

  13. I love your reading garden!
    There's something about an Ontario garden that can't be replicated anywhere. I loved this visit.

  14. oh, i wanna pull up a chair in your tea pretty! & i'll bet the aroma there w/the roses & peonies is amazing. xoxo

  15. Every area of your gardens are so pretty! Oh, come on Spring!

  16. Your photos of your garden are wonderful. They make me long for some colour other than white.

  17. Sigh. Thank you for the tour of your beautiful gardens (the way they were and will be again). Oh to be out in the reading garden with a good book right now! :o)

  18. I loved your gardens especially the Japanese garden ,I think I may have my next inspiration ,I have a shady area under a beautifull tree and a light bul has just gon off ,I think tahts what I might do !

  19. Wonderful photos, and a great time of year to really appreciate them. thanks for the glimpse into nicer weather

  20. You have beautiful gardens! Your Reading Garden is by far my favorite...just what every book lover needs!

  21. Hi Judith,

    Your gardens and yard are breathtaking. What a wonderful place to have tea. Everything looks so green and lovely. You're making me pine for Spring!


  22. I just love your blog! I also like the color lavender. Your gardens are just lovely! I also like the butterflies!!

  23. Your garden tour certainly warmed me up on this cold wintry day, just as visiting your lovely blog brightens my days! I'm passing along an award to you. Your beautiful blog deserves the Stylish Blogger Award in my book! I hope you'll pop over to my blog and accept this award. Congratulations! Lisa Sall

  24. Hello Judith! It was so enjoyable viewing the pictures of your gardens. You certainly do have a flair - I imagine all your neighbors enjoy the views of your yard from their windows.

  25. aloha

    this is a beautiful garden, i love your buddha with the foliage vignette

    have a great weekend

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. I loved looking at your garden! I am, also, a fan of the 'no grass' look.

    I like your blog!


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