Sunday, January 9, 2011

My Workspace

Come into my office and I'll show you my workspace. 
Welcome, have a seat on the glider rocker and experience the shiatsu massager I received for Christmas while I show you around.  I guarantee it will feel good.  There's a mug of tea for you to sip on too.
Above the chair is a poster of the birds of eastern Canada.  The bottom of the wildflower swag is visible but seen better below.  I made this a couple of summers ago.
There are lots of things relating to birds in my office.

Gardening books for reference.
My desk with photos and information for a magazine article I'm working on. 
It's a cozy room to me and the place where I do my blogging too.  I hope you've enjoyed your visit for a peek into my workspace.
I'm linking with Mary for Mosaic Monday at Little Red House and Cielo for Show off Your Cottage Monday at The House in the Roses.  Come join the fun!


  1. Oh, the massager is just when I need right now! I twisted my back and it's a little sore! Love your workspace...and the birds are especially pretty! I love Marjorie B. prints! ♥

  2. Hi Judith, A massage would be wonderful my back is stiff from all the cleaning at my Dad's. I too love birds and have many around the house. I hope you have a wonderful week. Take care, Jen.

  3. A tea party of sorts, yes. It's always nice to see someone else's workspace...yours looks lovely and inviting!

  4. I'm sorry. I have to come back tomorrow. I fell asleep in the chair with the cup of tea and just now woke up...
    Lovely space and mosaic.

  5. So nice of you to invite us into your office and share that wonderful massager and serve tea, too! It's fun to see others work space. I enjoyed your birds and seeing your MasterGardner Certificates.

  6. I can say I have had the honour of sitting in your cosy office. Fantastic.

  7. Hi Judith,
    It looks like the perfect place to write and work. I identified with the bookcase full of reference books. I don't think non-gardeners realize that there really isn't any down-time for a gardener. Even in Winter we are busy making plans and lists and reserching plants. Although I must say...that is a lot easier on this ole body. LOL! I always love to peek into the lives of other gardeners, and bird lovers.
    Thank you so much for stopping by and wishing me well. It was so much appreciated.

  8. Oh boy, I must still be loopy from the meds. My spelling is awful. Ok...I'm just a bad, bad speller.hehe

  9. Hi Ms.J, I would love that massager and the rocker/glider, so soothing, after all the blogging we do.

    Ha, I call your bird poster, my cheat sheet. I would bird photography but am not familiar with their names.

    Nice post.

  10. It's so interesting to have a peek at where other do their work. I can see that you surround yourself with the things that you love - and it looks like a Marjolain Bastien print on the wall - so pretty!

  11. What a wonderful workspace you have. I love the various decorations. I have some Marjolain Bastien items as well.

  12. Judith,
    The massager looks wonderful to me. I really enjoy seeing where my blogging friends work. It's so important, I think, to surround yourself with things you love while you work. Thank you so much for the tour.

  13. Hi Judith! Oh, what a wonderfully pretty office! I love it and I'll bet that massager really does feel good! You'll never want to get out of that chair! :)
    I also love the look of your blog - it's beautiful!
    Be a sweetei,
    Shelia ;)

  14. Lovely space you have made!Very pretty! I would never want to leave, especially with the glide chair massage! Nice!

  15. It's wonderful, Judith! Everything in this room is something I love. :)

    Wishing you a beautiful new week!

  16. I love your office, it's nice to have a space that's all our own! Congrats on your Master Gardener Certificates, that's quite an accomplishment:@)

  17. I love your office, Judith! It's both functional and attractive. It looks like a great place to blog, or to sit with the massager and a cup of tea.
    Hugs, Beth

  18. Like your lavender , butterflies and birds. We had a big snow and ice storm in georgia today and I put lots of birdseed out for my feathered friends here.

  19. Judith you have a lovely office. I like all your decorative piece with a bird motif and your Marjolain Bastien print. Congratulations on being a Master Gardener!

  20. Thanks for giving us glimpse at your workspace, Judith. It's so cozy. How wonderful you are blessed to be able to write about your passion for gardening. I'm looking forward to spring to see what pops up in the gardens of my new home. Can't wait.
    Best to you,
    Lynn @ Cottage and Creek


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