Friday, January 7, 2011

Keep Letter Writing Alive

The holiday season is over with thoughts of spring ahead.  I love visiting the bloggers that live in California and Florida that are showing green grass and emerging buds.  Spring will be here in our part of the country before we know it so for now we'll enjoy the sunny days when the snow sparkles.
We attended a fabulous dinner party New Year's Eve; there were eight of us and the food was excellent and conversation lively.  My friend went to a lot of work in the preparation of the six courses she served and afterwards, the entire evening left a warm feeling. 
I wanted to show our appreciation for being invited so of course took a hostess gift and we thanked our friends for having us as we left.  Thinking about the evening, I felt a little something more would be a nice touch to say thanks and searched for the perfect card amongst my writing materials.
We're both avid gardeners and this pretty note card and envelope seemed to be ideal to write a short note.
Back before computers, I wrote many cards of thanks and letters to friends; it was the proper thing to do and I grew up doing it.  Letter writing, or even mailing cards seems to be falling by the wayside and yet we all know that special feeling of receiving something in the mail.
I rooted around looking for my sealing wax which I haven't used for years but after imprinting the family 'R' on the back of the envelope, I think it adds a finishing touch.  This is a little messy however, because I'm out of practice but plan to use it much more in the future.
I hope you'll join me in keeping card and letter writing alive.  Think of someone that would love to hear from you and send them a short note.  I guarantee when it is received, they'll be delighted you thought of them.


  1. Hi Judith, I agree that the art of letter writing has decreased in frequency but it is special to receive a note in the mail. Your dinner was a fabulous one and I'm sure the hostess will appreciate your expression of gratitude and delight.
    Blessings, Beth

  2. I love to give and receive cards and letters. It seems to be a dying art. I now know how important it is to my kids too as my son, who now lives in Vancouver, told me how dismayed he was that I did not mail his Christmas card but gave it to him when he was here for the holidays. Now I know.

  3. Bravo, Judith, for championing letter writing and thank you notes. These touches of gracious living are more important than ever. Love the pansy cards and especially the touch of the wax seal. It's all beautiful! – g

  4. I love receiving letters and cards in the mail. Love the pansies in the teacup. Have a wonderful weekend Judith.

  5. Hi Judith,
    You are so right! I must admit I have become a complete slacker in this area!
    Love the wax seal, very nice touch!
    I must say again... I really love your new page design! It is so completely you:-)
    Hugs to You,

  6. Delightful idea Judith,love the beautiful card! Before Christmas I was doing really well at sending my ailing mother-in-law a card or letter every other day. She's 94 and her memory is going fast. I know she forgets about them almost immediately, but I know she appreciates them. She too was an avid letter/card sender in her day. I will send her another today! Thank you so much for the reminder of how important letter writing is!!

  7. I enjoyed your blog post and am a huge letter writing fan.


  8. Do you mind sharing where you purchased those beautiful note cards? I am always looking for pretty note cards to use. It is nice to have them handy in case you can't get out to a card shop or grocery store. I enjoy sending notes to friends, just to let them know I'm thinking of them and that I care. It sure brightens my day when I receive a note card like yours or even a beautiful "Thinking of you" card.

  9. In this time of instant everything it's nice to receive a hand-written letter and to know that someone took the time to think of you with every word.
    I joined in a letter-writing challenge on a blog in the spring and have been exchanging letter with my 'pen pal' ever since. It's lovely!

  10. Another cool idea to keep letter writing alive is The Things Unsaid Project, found at Love this endeavor and think others in a letter writing frame of mind will find it interesting as well.

    Keep up the good work!


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