Monday, January 31, 2011

A Fairy Tea

I've loved fairies and butterflies since I was a little girl.  We had fields of wildflowers behind our house until more homes were built and I spent a lot of time chasing butterflies there.  The magic of fairies came from reading and the imagination we have at a young age.
Incorporated into my blog header is my business logo, a fairy riding a butterfly just as I imagined they would.  A gifted young graphic artist created this for me many years ago and I saved it until I knew how I'd use it and now it graces my blog and weekly gardening column in our local newspaper.
Welcome my friends for tea, hosted by Sandi at Rose Chintz Cottage  each week for Tea Time Tuesday.
I will buy plants that have the name fairy in them and at a local antique shop recently, be still my heart, I found a teacup called Fairy Dell from Spode.
I researched the teacup on-line and found it listed for $47...I paid $6 so got a great bargain!
You can't have a fairy tea without inviting at least one fairy and how appropriate that the Snowflake Fairy has joined us.
I baked some tiny sugar cookie hearts to have with tea and each has a butterfly on it.
For Christmas I received from a friend, a lovely demi-tasse teacup that is perfect to have out today.
 How sweet is this?  The cup has three gold feet it sits on and is one of my favourite sets.
Our granddaughters have spent time in the garden looking for fairies and grandma has made them wands and fairy dust to keep under their pillow.  I have several books on fairy adventures and activities that we've read and I think of The Meaning of Flowers as an adult fairy book.
I've opened the page to lavender for you.
Where are the fairies?
Where can we find them?
We've seen the fairy-rings
They leave behind them!

When they have danced all night,
Where do they go?
Lark, in the sky above,
Say, do you know?

Is it a secret
No one is telling?
Why, in your garden
Surely they're dwelling!

No need for journeying,
Seeking afar:
Where there are flowers,
There fairies are!
From my other favourite book 'Flower Fairies' by Cicely Mary Barker

Make yourself a cup of tea and join the tea party!


  1. Hello Judit,
    thank you for your sweet invitation. I also love fairies since I was a girl. Over a long time the garden shop oppered those little figurines "Flower Fairy". They were so dainty made, very cute to stick in a flowerpot. The book look so nice and I can imagine that your grandkids love that. Your cups are beautiful and thank you for the yummy cookies. Enjoy the week.
    Greetings, Johanna

  2. What a sweet invitation....the table set for tea is both pretty, and inviting.
    Love the charming little heart cookies.
    Thank you, this was fun.

  3. I love your new website look, the fairy on the butterfly is so sweet! I do love fairies, butterflies, and lavender! What a wonderful find a lovely Tea cup with such a great price. The footed teacup is lovely too. I adore the sign on the gate! This was such a charming post! I love to have a cookie with my Tea in the footed teacup!

  4. Hi Judith,
    Well, you're lady after my own heart! I too love fairies and when I was a little girl I imagined that they were my friends; such fun it was! Your header is simply adorable and you have included all the things you love in it; very clever! Lavender, flowers, teacups, butterflies, and fairies make for a darling welcome to your blog! Your tiny heart cookies would taste so wonderful with tea! Love both the teacups! Thanks for tea and for joining me. Always a pleasure, and stay warm and safe with the arrival of the Groundhog storm!


  5. Your new cup is exquisite! I'd like to know how you made the cookies, so sweet and teeny. I simply adore miniature anything. Thanks for inviting me.

  6. Oh, I'd love to sit down for tea with the fairies - especially from such pretty cups. I wondered if you'd mention the Flower Fairies - I loved them, along with The Water Babies.
    I've seen that Spode pattern at the Salvation army here - now I'll have to pay better attention!

  7. If you knew me well you would have called me on the phone to tell me you were doing a post just for me.I love this post! Thank you. Denise

  8. I am needing a bit of gardening with the faeries right now as our high tomorrow is 3 below (Fahrenheit). So your lovely tea is just what my winter weary soul needs. ♥♫

  9. I adore your blog! I like everything about it! I have a shop in Ohio and offer home and garden decor. I am planning to make my first ever fairy garden in the shop this spring with birds, butterflies and fairys!! I love visiting your site to get inspired!!

  10. Your tea party was certainly made sweeter by the presents of your fairy guest, I am so glad you are keeping the magic alive with your grand daughters...I have plans to make the backyard into a "fair garden" for Sara...I have an old bird cage I am going to paint pink and place in the flower bed with fairy figurines inside...but first we need spring so we can grow some flowers out there...Lavender is on the list of course :)

    Blessings Kelsie

  11. Those cups are just beautiful, so precious, Judith. Love your fairy accessories too and ineresting to hear about your obsession with fairies...Christine

  12. Something we have in common Judith, I used to read about fairies as young girl. My mother was from Ireland and there were many stories about the fairies.I was always told, If you were bad the fairies will get you. I would love to sit down with the Snowflake fairy and nibble cookies and drink tea. hugs, Jen.

  13. Such a beautiful post. I could linger all day looking and listening for the fairies. My Grandmother was a big story teller of fairies. She had a tree with an extended hole on the side that would catch the rain water. She told us that is where the fairies came to swim. That is the first place we would run to when we would visit to see if we could see the fairies swimming. This post brought back beautiful memories. ~~Sherry~~

  14. Hi Judith,
    Love your delightful post today, loaded with magic and fun:-)
    Its great you share your fun imagination with your granddaughters, my grandmother was always alot of fun and gave me many fond memories and fun interests:-)
    Great job on tea cup shopping what a deal!

  15. Judith, I love the entrance to your garden with your plaque. The green looks nice too! We are getting another snowstorm now too. Enjoyed reading about the fairies and how you came upon your logo. It really is adorable! I liked both of your cups today and thanks for showing the demi-tasse cup too. Enjoy a nice cup of tea or hot chocolate by the fire today - it's too cold to do anything else!
    Blessings, Beth

  16. I loved this posting and the look of your faerie on a butterfly, which is wonderful!

    My grands love having faerie teas too, but mostly outdoors near their tiny faerie mailboxes (the nice faeries leave them shells, acorns, etc), or on the thyme lawn.

    Love the Spode teacup. Didn't know they had that pattern, but it is perfect for you.

    Sending butterfies and faeries your way (sprinkled with lavender, of course)

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  17. Hello there, Thanks for visiting my blog about tea. I had fun doing that post :-) I haven't had arrowroot cookies in the house since the kids were babies but I bet they would be good dunkers too. Have a blessed week. Pamela

  18. Judith I enjoyed hearing about your love of fairies. I think it's just delightful that you still smile when you see a fairy teacup! Your childhood days are still with you so you must be young at heart!

  19. Judith, Your new header is simply enchanting! Count me in on loving butterflies and lavender (notice the lavender wildflowers on my header, lol) Your entire post was just charming. Brought huge smiles as I read each line. Have a beautiful week.

  20. Such a beautiful post Judith. I am a big believer in faeries myself.hehe I'm sure a few of them hang out in the garden.
    Those tiny little sugar cookies are darling!


  22. Ah your bringing back memories! I used to make queen anne lace crowns for my girls on nature walks in the fairy fields. I must also get out my grandmothers teacups, I am sure I have some Fairy Dell ones!


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