Thursday, January 20, 2011

Backyard Pond

I'm linking with Tootsie Time for Fertilizer Friday again this week.  This is where we flaunt our gardens, flowers or indoor plants.
Last week when I showed my gardens, there was a request to see more of the pond.  Well, right now it's not that interesting looking...
A hole needs to be kept open for the exchange of gases from the overwintering fish and frogs at the bottom.  The deepest part where these critters remain dormant is 4 feet. 
By May the pond which is about 13x20 feet will start to look pretty good...
In the foreground is geum rivale - water avens in bloom. 
There are marsh marigolds on either side of the waterfall and they stay on the ledge in their pots frozen over winter. 
June is a great month for the pond as the native waterlilies have filled out and covered the surface to help shade the water and prevent a buildup of algae.
Confession time here...I used to be a dutiful gardener that fertilized and divided the water lilies but the roots are so big and tough now, it would take a chain saw to cut through them.  So, I haven't done anything with them for years and they grow just fine.
The pond attracts birds (waterfall), skunks, raccoons, toads and frogs.  I counted 8 frogs in the water at once last summer - now that's a healthy pond!  We use a pump for the waterfall and that's it as we've reached an ecological balance that keeps the water clean.
Morning coffee in the summer is a ritual of looking for the same number of frogs seen the previous day since they are tasty morsels for the 4 legged wildlife - not to mention the odd crane that stops in for fish or frogs.
I hope you liked our pond  and if you're considering one for your yard, they're not a lot of work and bring great enjoyment to the whole family.  The grands love to feed the fish and look for frogs too.


  1. Yes, I have a pond on my wish list sometime in the future. Yours is very nice!

  2. Hi Judith ,how lucky are you and how lucky is your garden, I would love a pond!

  3. Judith, Thanks for showing your pond. It is beautiful!!! Love the frog and flower photos, especially the marsh marigolds. Very, very pretty Judith. Have a great weekend!
    Blessings, Beth

  4. A pond is on my "some day" wish list. Yours sounds delightful! I have all the right critters, except fish. We have a heron that flies over to some recharge ponds and it might like my fish for dinner (When I get some). ♥♫

  5. Wonderful post, Judith! Yet another feature you've inspired me to take another look at. We'd love a pond, or two, but worry about the maintenance. Thank you for sharing this lovely area of your garden! – g

  6. love seeing your pond...I don't divide my water lilies either..they grow fine and we just keep them controlled if they get too close to the filter...we had over 40 frogs last summer and our pond is a bit fish...just visiting birds and frogs...thx for sharing your great pictures

  7. That's a very beautiful pond. I have many toads in my garden but your frog look gorgeous!

  8. I've always wondered about over wintering a pond, thanks for the information and photos. I'll be checking this out in more detail.

  9. Hi Judith, Your pond looks great in the summer. We have been talking for a couple of years of making ours larger. Maybe this will be the year. Take care and have a great weekend.

  10. Your poor frozen pond looks like ours. We have a light that comes on in the night attached to a little covering to help the bubbler keep the hole open for the fishies. It is going to be brrrr cold tonight.

  11. Your pond is beautiful! Thanks for the great look at it in the summer. I had one at a previous garden, and sometimes I miss it. I don't miss the maintenance, though!

  12. wow. SO elegant. We live in a warmer climate but will never have such a gorgeous pond.

  13. thanks for the walk in time! your photos are lovely...and that is one pond I would love to have in my garden!!! just grand!
    thanks for linking in this week...I enjoyed this look at the way things are and the way they will be! have a great week!


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