Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Celebrating Victoria - birdcages and lavender bottles

I've never thought too much about why I like some of the things I do, or my decorating style.  When I started blogging, I wanted to put a name to it and came up with Cottage-Victorian.  I like a formal look, yet at times to dress it down to have an English cottage atmosphere. 
I've come to the conclusion it must be in the genes, with an English heritage this would explain a love for tea and all things Victorian.  Reading Victoria magazine over the years I've realized my taste is influenced by this period or have seen things I wanted to copy.

Take for instance this special edition of Victoria 'Rooms of Bliss'.  Inside are a couple of things I can identify with and are found in our home too.

Birdcages inside and out are a favourite Victorian element of decor.......

and to collect lavender glassware is something I have just felt drawn towards. 
I'm joining Kathy at A Delightsome Life to celebrate Victoria and on December 6, she will be hosting Christmas with Victoria.


  1. Hello there! Just love your birdcage! Victoria did have a way of connecting with us - striking a chord of understanding of what our hearts loved and desired - essentially timeless.
    I could look at those things time and time again. Thanks for spreading the word your a joy!
    Thanks for joining me once again at A Return to Loveliness!

  2. There is something very attractive about bird cages. We have three of wrought iron in which we hang trailing plants in our conservatory. I love your lavender glassware - so pretty.

  3. Love the birdcage in the garden Judith. Your perfume bottles are so pretty. Take care, Jen

  4. Hi Judith, It's funny because I never had to define my style until blogging either, it's not an easy task!!
    and WOW your lavender birdcage is gorgeous, very whimsical:-))

  5. I love the bottles and birdcage. Purple is my favorite color. I so enjoy reading your blog.


  6. Wow, I love that birdcage! And of course the purple bottles. It continues to amaze me what an influence Victoria magazine has been for so many people for so many years. My house is always littered with past issues that I pick up throughout the day for inspiration. Thanks for sharing these! – g


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