Saturday, November 20, 2010

Camera Critters–unknown insect

I’m linking with Camera Critters today.

Unknown bug 2

Unknown bug 3

Canadians celebrated Thanksgiving way back on October 11 and it was during a visit to family up north that I saw these large insects.  We were at our grandson’s evening football game and the bugs were flying around the lights.  At first I thought they were huge moths but then they started dropping to the ground and I’d estimate their length to be a good 2 inches. 
Does anyone have any suggestions as to what they could be?  I’m thinking a cicada of some variety but the ones we get in summer are much smaller and are not nocturnal.
Head over to Misty Dawn's to see more critters. 


  1. Wow 2 inches, they are big buggers. Sorry, I can not help with the id.

  2. That is a big bug! They do remind me of what I saw in Texas called German roaches or water roaches but I don't know if they go that far north. I know they can fly because I had a few land on me and it was scary!!!
    Amazing the diversity that the Lord put on this earth! If you find out for sure what it is please do post about it!
    Have a great day Judith...
    Tina xo

  3. No idea at all - but I'd be moving away if one landed near me!

  4. Hi Judith... He is a big one! We had a roach that looked like this once a few years ago. He was dead when found by the pond... I wondered if he came on a purchased water plant. Those big front legs look good for swimming. Glad we only had the one!

  5. Oh I forgot to ask you... did you know on the blogroll, you haven't been showibng a thumbnail photo lately?

  6. That is a big insect, probably harmless, but I don't think I'd hang around long enough to find out!

  7. Like Tina my first thought was a type of waterbug. When I was in college I had to collect insects for my zoology class. A guy I was dating at the time had to go to Vietnam and he sent me a large waterbug (a type of roach) in the mail. It was the hit of the class, but a strange present. - Margy

  8. No idea what it is, and I wouldn't be too interested in getting "up close and cosy" with him! Probably harmless, but I don't like things flying around me at all!

  9. Judith, I saw something like this one time. I looked it up online at the time but don't recall the name. I did a little searching today. Could it be Lethocerus griseus? Here is a link with picture:

    Or perhaps it is Lethocerus americanus (Giant Water Bug) Here are some photos and information:

    Interesting pictures!
    Hus, Beth


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