Sunday, October 31, 2010

Kitchen Reveal

 I'm linking with Cielo from The House in the Roses for Show off your Cottage Monday.  A couple of weeks ago, Sheila from Notesongs had a kitchen party and although our renovation should have been finished, sadly due to minor glitches, it wasn't. 
Well, it is now!  The wallpaper's gone, the peach counter top and backsplash (that wasn't level) were ripped out; the new sink, counter top and backsplash are in and the walls are painted.  Yipee!

The new backsplash turned out really well; it's a tumbled marble.

The counter top is a black and honey coloured quartz.  The colour for the walls matches little blue flecks found in it.

The eating area in the kitchen overlooks the backyard.  The huge LG fridge has 2 freezer doors on the bottom.  Benjamin Moore 'Mount Saint Anne' is now on the walls.

Looking out onto the deck through my 'Grandma door' is the hot tub that has been one of the best investments, particularly for someone with back problems like I have.

My roll top desk and the double pantry.  We kept all the oak cupboards that are still in good condition and didn't need replacing.

The pine cabinet before; I never liked the orangey look it had.  Besides it clashed with the warm honey colour of the oak cabinets so.....

it got a couple of coats of melamine 'Gentle Cream'.  I told the lady at the paint store I imagined a french vanilla colour and she suggested this.  It's now my tea cupboard and I just noticed the lavender teapot is missing, must have had tea in it when the photo was taken.

I've decorated walls and bedroom doors with straw hats for a long time, I really liked making them a few years ago and never tire of their look.

The brass shelves in the corner have my indoor fairy collection on the top.

Beside the back door is a small butterfly collection, a gift from a friend and what may appear to be a gaudy light switch with the hummingbird, but I love it.

This is Amber, a concrete cocker spaniel that sits in the tea room over summer but guards Topaz's food dishes over winter.
Not a big renovation yet  my husband put in many hours himself on it; but the kind that makes you love your kitchen even more because as Sheila said, it's the 'heart of the home'.


  1. I love the colour on your walls, it's the exact shade of blue that I love!
    And the Gentle Cream on your dresser is a fabulous transformation1
    Well done to you both, a welcoming kitchen, practical and full of treasured possessions.

  2. Wow, Judith! It all looks beautiful. It's clear you put a lot of thought and care into each step of the renovation and I know from experience that each one requires a lot of research and decision making. I love all the little details, too, with the special items you care about. I'm interested about the hot tub – I always thought they were for entertaining but my knees and back might think differently! Have a great new week. – g

  3. Hi Judith, Well worth the wait!! It all looks lovely:-)) The backsplash turned out perfectly! The wall color is beautiful and your whiten and brightened hutch perfect!!! I'll bet you are both enjoying your new kitchen:-)) Very nicely done:-))

  4. Judith, Your kitchen is just beautiful! I love the color of the walls. The backsplash and counter tops are gorgeous! I really like your tea cupboard too, Judith. GREAT KITCHEN!!!
    Hugs, Beth

  5. very nice kitchen makeover! love the pine cabinet! love the wall colour! very comfy!

  6. Hello Judith - lovely transformation! I love the color of the countertop and the painted color to your cabinet. Very pretty Grandma door - not sure what the difference is but I like it :)

  7. Hi Judith, The kitchen looks beautiful. I love what you did to the pink cabinet, I have done the samething with my own. Take care and have a wonderful weekend.

  8. Your kitchen looks lovely. The new counter and backsplash look fantastic together. It was the perfect touch to paint your china cupboard white and put all your tea things on it. In fact, now I'm looking around for a place to put a tea cabinet in my kitchen - we would all love it, but I don't think we have room. I bet you are enjoying cooking more now.

  9. Your kitchen turned out beautifully. The backsplash is fabulous and I think your remake of the hutch is perfect. Good job! La

  10. That's a marvelous makeover! Very NICE!

  11. Oh Judith I do love it. The soft blue on the walls looks so good with the cream cabinet. The tiles turned out wonderfully well with the countertop. You must be pleased.

  12. You must be so pleased with your new look. It's so gratifying when everything's back in its rightful place and the kitchen is tidy once more.

  13. You did such a wonderful job with everything and everything looks so beautiful.


  14. What a wonderful transformation! I love the blue on your walls, very pretty! Lovely countertops and backsplash too. I know you're feeling really good about all this because I know I would be if it was my kitchen makeover! Love the new cream paint on your tea cabinet too! Good job!


  15. Judith,

    I enjoyed the picture of your indoor fairy collection. I recently blogged about a fairy piece in my collection:


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