Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Heart of the Home Kitchen Party

This is it!! Sheila from Note Songs who you might know as the bathroom diva (takes mirror photos in bathrooms everywhere) is having her Heart of the Home Kitchen Party today.
When I first read about this party and saw Sheila's kitchen makeover, I thought how fun it would be to show ours too.  We're doing about the same as she did with a new counter top and back splash but......we all know about Murphy's Law right?  Well, the counter top went in about three weeks ago and we're still waiting for the back splash which will finally be installed this Friday.  As soon as this is completed, hubby will finish stripping the wallpaper and paint.  I had really hoped my kitchen would be finished for you to see.

When we bought this house it was decorated in peach and green everywhere.  The kitchen counter top was peach as was the back splash, that wasn't level.  Glenn ripped all this out and we lived with a piece of plywood across until the counter arrived and we ate out a lot!

From a standard double sink, to a sink and a half which are deeper than what I had because I complained to the kitchen planner I could never wash a roasting pan properly.  A new faucet and actually a new spout for the reverse osmosis water tap too since I broke the old one helping screw it on. (oops)
As you can see,  the window frame and sill need to be replaced yet.

I've laid out the pattern for the back splash on the counter which is a tumbled marble.  A bit rustic and the little black triangle brings in a hint of the Victorian decor that I like.

Hopefully you can see the counter top colour by the coffee maker in the corner.  It's made of quartz and is black with golden patches in it that match my oak cupboards perfectly and a fleck of blue throughout.  The walls will be painted this blueish gray which is called 'mount saint anne' by Benjamin Moore.

My trusty Kitchen Aid mixer is right beside the fridge with a baking cupboard below it.  An oak shelf will be built above it to hold my cook books.

On the opposite side is my roll top desk where my laptop normally sits so I don't forget to enter my Weight Watchers points.  OK, 'fess up, how many reading this are on WW too?

To the left of my desk is a double pantry, very useful  but stuck in the middle of the wall with a bulkhead built over it.  Placed further along, I could have had a kitchen island but the math didn't work out to allow for one the way things are laid out.  It would involve more work than we wanted to get into to tear this all apart.

A pine cabinet that has always had an orange look and doesn't match the oak too well is going to get a coat of paint in a french vanilla colour called 'gentle cream' also by BM paints.  Previously my cookbooks were here along with other items but I'll post about it later with how it will be set up.

Here is the wallpaper coming off, pretty and of course some plaid that I love, but time for a change.

Glenn bought me this LG fridge last year with the two freezer drawers on the bottom and I really like it.

Shutters cover the large window facing the backyard to keep the birds from flying into it.  In the winter I open them and hang twinkle lights for the season.
Well, that's the tour of my kitchen in progress and I hope you enjoyed it.  I'll have to show some photos at a later date when everything is back in place and all clean and shiny.
Do visit Sheila to see the kitchens that other bloggers are showing and who knows, maybe you'll be inspired to make some changes yourself.


  1. Ohhhh, so pretty ... dying to see what you do with the walls. Don't you just love those french door fridges! Your tiles choices are beautiful. Know you are anxious to just stand back & enjoy!

    Have a great eve ~
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  2. I really like your tile choices ...can't wait to see it all finished..it's going to be a knock-out kitchen. :))

  3. You are living with the mess that we did when we worked on ours. I had to keep on my husband to do the backsplash or it would have never gotten done. I look forward to your finished kitchen. Thanks for coming by.

  4. Looking good, Judith! The tiles are wonderful and I can't wait to see the end result!


  5. So far so good! I think that is the same ivy wallpaper we had in the last house years ago. Always loved it, but didn't have plaid below, but a faux finish wallpaper from the same company/book.
    I hope you'll drop by Atticmag to see our kitchens - it's a three for one!


  6. Hi,

    I love your choice of tiles.

    Check out my book giveaways.

  7. Oh boy, lots of stuff happening at your place! Loving what you have already accomplished! The tiles are gorgeous! And what a giant refrigerator ~ I love it and want one!

    Guess what caught my attention on your side bar? Yup, Topaz. What a sweetie :)

    Thank you for stopping by my place and leaving your comment! So nice to visit with you!

    Kindly, ldh

  8. It looks like your kitchen is really coming along. I like the marble tile you chose. The cabinets look really nice, I like the large one you are planning on painting. Your 'fridge is something to behold.

  9. Judith, I love the backsplash tiles. They will look wonderful with the black countertops. Wow, that is some fridge.

  10. I love your rustic tile. It is going to be fabulous. I recently lost 50lbs on WW.

  11. All your hard work will pay off soon. It is going to look fantastic!

  12. Beautiful choice of tile, love what you have done to this point. Can't wait to see the kitchen finished.

  13. Wow! This is going to be beautiful when it is done. I love your big fridge and that tile is beautiful too. :)


  14. Hi Judith!! I'm so excited for you and your new kitchen to be. The tiles you've chosen are so pretty!! I love your pretty countertops and the light streaming in from your window over your lovely sink! How lucky to have that double pantry!! Can't wait to see it all done and it's gonna be most fantastic!
    Thank you again, Judith, for coming to my party.
    You are a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  15. I know you are looking forward to your new kitchen...but...I admit to loving wallpaper.
    Pantry's are sooo nice to have...

  16. I have my moms roll top desk. It is just like yours. Looks great. Kathy

  17. So now that you are both so experienced at redoing kitchens, we'll make a date and you can come and do mine, as it desperately needs doing.
    Can't wait to see the finished kitchen, and btw I love the roll top desk.

  18. Your new kitchen will be delightful - it's worth all the mess and inconvenience.

  19. Hello Judith
    I hope you had a great Thanksgiving weekend! Your kitchen redo is going to be lovely! Have a great week!


  20. Beautiful kitchen! Very warm and inviting. Very pretty indeed.

  21. Hi Judith,
    Your counter top is very pretty. What a fridge! Your kitchen remodel is going very well and it will be beautiful in the end!

  22. Hi Judith: I know that before you know it all will be in its place and you will enjoy baking some goodies again. I love the countertop and the tile looks great.

  23. What a fun post, and such a great pantry! Love the pattern for your backsplash too. Enjoy!
    Blessings, Beth

  24. It's going to be just fantastic when you are all through! You have already accomplished alot!Love the fridge with the freezer drawers on the bottom!

    bee blessed

  25. This is going to be a wonderful transformation. Love your new fridge!

  26. I admire you tackling this, Judith1 It's going to be beautifu and the backsplash tile is truly gorgeous! I have a similar fridge and love it. Can't wait to see the final. – g

  27. Hi Judith, I am loving all the changes so far and your future plans look fantastic! I can't wait to see it all come together!! You tile choices are gorgeous, love the little black tiles and the nod to victorian:-)

  28. How exciting! We're just finishing up the final bits with our kitchen...it'll be so delightful for you when you're done!


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