Thursday, October 14, 2010

Friday's Favourite - Bathing Beauties

On a warm day earlier this week we took a drive to the lake which is about 5 minutes away for us.  Sitting on a picnic table we watched a number of ducks bathing and preening and figured it must be the duck bath day at the beach.

I don't know what kind of ducks these are but the green and blue feathers really caught the sunlight.
I'm linking with Claudia over at Dipity Road for her Friday, Finding Beauty.


  1. Hi Again... I am catching up... these are great captures!! The wing detail is amazing... so clear!!
    The Canadian Geese are flocking up in the fields in the valley here, I think of you when I seen them:-)) Even though I know only some actually migrate anymore.

  2. Hello Judith Ontario neighbour. I'm in Ottawa ish'. I love Lavender cottage!
    I believe those are mallard ducks. Only the males have beautiful colours, the females are just plain brown, but still beautiful right?
    Isn't it sad that this is Claudia's last FFB? I'm sad, because I always find beauty in so many things.
    Happy FFB Judith.
    Love Claudie

  3. I like Mallards - such handsome birds.

  4. Those are male mallards--very common down here in Connecticut, and very beautiful! Their heads really do glisten in the sunlight. That is a great picture of the duck with his wings out! Linda

  5. Yep those are male Mallards and beauties they are too!
    I also have been watching the Canada Geese going over for weeks now and yesterday had the treat of seeing thousands of Snow Geese also. I am surrounded by cornfields and they always stop to glean the fields before moving on.
    If there are enough of them going over I can hear the "whirring" sound of their wings moving the air.
    Don't you just love this time of year?
    Tina xo

  6. Great action shot. Check out my swan photo. Don't we love our birds?

  7. Hi Judith, Great photos of the ducks. Have a wonderful weekend.

  8. As others have commented, those are mallard ducks. We have lots of them down by the bay (my favourite place to visit and take photos).

  9. Judith, Your photos are great! I especially like the second one. Great capture!
    Blessings, Beth


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