Monday, September 20, 2010

Tea with Friends - Grandma's Relaxing Tea

I've just returned from babysitting our two youngest grandchildren who are 6 and almost 4.  They're good kids and  like to be busy playing with toys, friends and the two dogs.  Both cockapoos; Topaz my dog, and Henry, theirs, also played hard and furious while I was there.
I generally take my tea in the afternoon at home but it didn't always work out there.  So once the children had their tubbies, a story and had gone to bed, it was time for Grandma to relax with her tea.
My daughter has a beautiful pottery tea set made by an artisan from London, Ontario.  The teapot is heavy but keeps the tea hot.

Earl Grey vanilla was brewed with a touch of honey and some milk added to my mug.  I sat with my feet up and caught up on reading magazines that had come in the mail the last couple of weeks.

Here are the two furry kids that had a tug of war with this stuffed yellow toy.  It was hard to get a photo as they were pulling each other all over the room but stopped for a minute and I was able to capture this picture.
I'm joining Sandi from Rose Chintz Cottage and her guests for Tea Time Tuesday today, I hope you'll join us too.


  1. Hello, Judith,
    A warm cup of tea sounds like the perfect way to relax each day after taking care of your sweet grandchildren. The pottery tea set is very pretty. I especially love the color of it. Your "other" children having the tug of war are cute as can be. Have a happy week, dear friend! Vicki

  2. Good evening Judith,
    My three grandsons, ages 9, 6, and 5, were here a few hours ago selling chocolate bars for their school. When they arrived, it sounded like we were being invaded. *smile* Love the sound of children! Your Topaz is adorable and I love her name! I'm glad you were able to put your feet up and enjoy some tea. Nothing better than a cup of tea and a magazine! Thanks for sharing and have yourself a lovely week.


  3. It sounds so nice to be able to spend time with grandchildren - I can't wait! But, according to my daughter's master plan - I will have to, unless my son finds that special someone and beats her to it!
    Well, I guess I have to wait - but,
    Lovely that you had this time and were able to take a break for some wonderful tea!
    Hope to see you join A Return to Loveliness next week!

  4. Hi Judith, I love pottery dishes. I have some from a potter from Muskoka. I hope you had a great visit with the grandchildren. Enjoy your tea and take care.

  5. good morning, Your daughter's Teapot is lovely.Teal is so pretty.Please tell your daughter it was enjoyed.Please come to my site for a visit,I need some moral support,it's my first week of blogging. Denise

  6. Pretty tea set, and sounds like a nice relaxing evening! I enjoyed your photo and into about Henry and Topaz!
    Blessings, Beth

  7. Hi Judith... A Warm tea and family sounds like a very nice combo, and Topaz looks to have also had the best of times... A tired pup is a good pup is my motto:-)
    I SHOULD be digging into the autumn jobs, we have been in the low 60's no lingering summer here!

  8. Hi Judith :) I had myself some tea yesterday, very soothing for a sore throat! I am much better today, and hopefully will be fully restored by tomorrow for my son's football game that night. Thank you for stopping by my Bear's teapost yesterday, and for your always sweet comments. Hope you have a lovely day!

    Warmest hugs, Brenda

  9. Gotta have a pot to keep the tea warm. Sounds like as much as those kids are cute they tuckered poor Grandma out. Glad you got to put your feet up with a cuppa.


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