Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Rugged Beauty of Alaska

Our trip to Vancouver and cruise to Alaska was one we'll remember for a long time.  The beauty of this rugged state left us in awe and I invite you to join me as I relive some of the highlights.
The mist that hung over the mountains created a scene of wonder and tranquility.

Snow covered tops gave way to...

icy blue glaciers that glisten in the sun from where they've receded or....

meet the water's edge.  In Glacier Bay as we took in the magnificent view, the crack of thick ice breaking apart echoed around us and huge chunks were calved into the water to create....

little floating islands of ice....

that would become a refuge for harbour seals and their babies.

One day while docked we were able to watch this adult seal from our balcony on the ship as it caught a fish (salmon possibly) and enjoyed a tasty meal.

We did see lots of whales that were too quick to capture with my camera, bears ravaging a humpback whale carcass that had washed ashore back in spring, other seals, sea lions, porpoises and salmon.  As on any trip, to capture wildlife you have to be in the right place at the right time and have your camera  ready.


  1. These are incredible photos, Judith!! They capture the majesty and magnificence of that unique environment. I'm so glad you got to Glacier Bay and saw the icebergs calving and the wildlife. Fabulous!! xoxo

  2. Amazing trip Judith, and you captured some wonderful scenes.

  3. You saw some wonderful things on YOUR trip to Alaska. Much different from what WE saw. Next time we'll do a cruise to see the was pouring when we were there and nobody was in a boat!
    Love the photos of the glaciers coming down the mountain and the calved pieces floating. Mother Nature is pretty spectacular, isn't she?
    Thanks for sharing your photos. I loved them.


  4. Welcome back Judith. Incredible photos, that show the wild and untamed north we never see. Thank you.

  5. Stunning photos! How lucky you were to photograph a seal enjoying a tasty meal.


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