Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Butchart Gardens

55 acres of gardens and 50 gardeners tending them.......Butchart Gardens is a kaleidoscope of colour and form.  The plants are not labelled for identification to keep things as natural looking as possible but a  flower and plant guide enables even a novice gardener to discern what they are looking at.   Join me as we wander through this magnificent place to see what's blooming the end of August.

I'll end our tour with this water feature that continuously changed shape in a pond below us.


  1. Hi Judith
    I love the garden tour. Yes, it is amazing. Thank you for sharing your beautiful day.

  2. Great garden tour... Wandering through garden is a favorite of mine. my friend went to Quebec last week and i posted a picture of her by a big red pot.

  3. Oh Judith: It looks to be a magical place. How wonderful that you got to experience it.

  4. A stunning garden and wonderful pictures. Thank you for the tour, that is a garden on my must see list. Take care Jen.

  5. Judith, I have never been there. My mother and sister went and loved it. We have a beautiful garden here called Thanksgiving Point, just south of Salt Lake City. I haven't made it there this summer but need to go before they dig everything up.

    Of course, my favorite was the lavendar and cream day lily. What an unusual color. I can see we both love purple!

  6. Just gorgeous, Judith! I'm SO happy you got there. The dahlia walk was just coming into bloom when we were there but looks like you got there at the right time. Thanks so much for sharing! – g

  7. Judith, Your photos are stunning! Butchart Gardens is really an amazing place and I'm so glad you had the opportunity to go there; glad to that you shared your experience with us! Have a great wknd!
    Blessings, Beth


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