Monday, August 9, 2010

Tea with Friends and Victoria

It was interesting to read a couple of blogs last week about thank you notes and the importance of them as a common courtesy.  We live in an exciting era of technology where the computer is replacing the art of letter writing and thank you cards.  I think it might be safe to say here too that birthday wishes are likely coming by email in many cases as well.
In Victorian times, letter writing was an important part of life to keep in touch with family and friends and articles on this and the tools to use have been featured in Victoria magazine repeatedly.  The stationery stores today  still carry pretty note cards and writing pads so someone must be buying them.

I'd like to put this question out to fellow bloggers; do you write letters and thank you notes? 
I haven't written a letter myself for quite some time but do like to send thank you notes for various circumstances.  Let me see; to thank a friend for treating for dinner, for a wonderful evening spent at the home of friends and for the services of someone I felt needed appreciating.
My writing is not as nice as it used to be because I rarely have to do it other than a signature and with fingers that are stiff at times, it's much easier for me to type on my keyboard.
But think of how much more pleasurable it is to find a card or letter in the mailbox addressed to you.  And if you are the one doing the writing, there are cute little stickers and shaped hole punches to give your note a special touch.  I've even thrown in some of the seasonal sprinkle shapes or lavender buds to delight the recipients of my cards.

So, come on bloggers, I challenge you to dig out your cards or paper and send a note to someone to say how much you enjoy their friendship, invite them to lunch or just to say hello.  Put the kettle on and make some tea to sip as you're writing.
I'm linking for tea with Lady Katherine from Lady Katherine Tea Parlor and Kathy from A Delighsome Life to celebrate Victoria.


  1. I no longer write letters, but I do write thank you notes and I try to remember to send birthday cards with a personal note.

  2. Hi Judith :) I do still send out birthday cards; that is something my mother always did, and it is the one thing that I still like to do myself. The brand of spray paint I used is by Krylon. I found mine at our nearby Walmart store. Do they have a Walmart in Canada? If not, then try looking at your local hardware store, as they might have it :) It is a really wonderful shade of green.

    Happy Tea Tuesday!

    Warmest hugs, Brenda

  3. Hi Judith,
    I do so love to receive a card in the mail! I'm still old-fashioned enough to send them to the special people in my life; especially birthdays and Christmas. My handwriting is no longer very good either because of MD, but that's where the computer comes in handy! Your teapot is very pretty. It almost looks like Lavender Rose, is it? Thanks for sharing and have a lovely week.


  4. OOPS, I left a message and clicked off just as a word verification came up...

  5. Hi Judith... A good reminder for people like me who fall on using e-mail for everything these days! I think I may have to dig out a handwriting book, because mine ceratinly suffers from lack of use :-)

  6. Well Judith, I will let out my secret, I still write letters by hand. It becomes special. At Christmas I always write the family news on paper instead of the form letter and everyone is different. I like to put a bit of myself into the words. The stores have some beautiful stationary. Jen

  7. I really admire people who take the time to send nice thank you cards out but I am guilty of being a procrastinator myself.
    Thank you for your kind offer of the seeds- I will look for them here but if I can't find them I would love some if you don't mind.
    I just got my Gardenimport catalogue in the mail so it will be my bedtime story tonight!


  8. You are so on my wave link! I've been thinking about this all week! Yes, I do Thank You cards, or Thinking of You cards, ect. I do still write letters. For I love getting things in the mail! Whether it is a card, letter, or package. lol It is the proper thing to do! I love to sit and read a card in a chair sipping my Tea, enjoying the moment! Not sitting at the computer reading the hundreds of emails, not to say I do not love reading the emails. A note in the mail is just so special! Love your Teapot and note cards! Yes, I am buying them!

  9. I don't write letters any more, I still send them but do them on the computer and print them out. I agree with you that handwriting is suffering, I know mine is as I don't use it as often. I do send out birthday cards and thank you cards, but I also use the computer to send virtual ones. I'm playing with a program to make some of my own blank cards with of course some of my photography on them.

  10. You are right. Letter writing is something that is becoming a lost art. I could always count on my grandmother or my aunt to write letters - today there's ecards and emails. I love them in their accessibility, but there is something missing. I will take up your challenge and surprise some loved ones this week.
    Thank you for joining me at A Return to Loveliness,

  11. I still send birthday and holiday cards and occasionally a thank you note, but I do not write letters by hand. I save many of the hand-written notes and cards that I receive - and enjoy reading them over again.

    Lovely thoughts and photos today - thank you, Judith!

  12. Beautiful post. But I have to be honest, my eyes immediately drifted to the stationary because 1) I colect stationary and 2) it looks like the stationary is from Marjolein Bastin whom I love.

  13. Yes, I was brought up writing thank you notes. Even to immediate family for gifts. It is such a simple gesture for the amount of thought people go to to honor you on a birthday or such. Great topic for a post!

  14. Thanks for stopping by my "tea party" today! I love this post because it's a great reminder of how a simple act can be so meaningful. In today's busy world of text messaging & emailing, there is something so incredibly exciting about receiving an actual letter in the mail!

    I reconnected with a friend on facebook a few years ago - we went through school together from Grade One on up through High School, but lost track of each other after that. She lives in BC now so we are not able to connect in person. It was so amazing to reconnect with her on facebook, but still I wanted to do something very special for her on her birthday, so I sent her a real card in the mail. That simple act meant so much to her - it made me realize what difference we can make in someone's life with a simple, small gesture.

  15. Great post!
    Just today I received a lovely Thank You card for a birthday gift, from a friend, and it meant a lot.
    I do send cards, but not letters, and this summer I have started making a few cards again. It's a total pleasure, I should have enough soon to get see through the winter. It would be a great pity to let the tradition of cards go, cos it's so lovely to get one in the mail.
    Love your teapot, btw, I have the same in Old Country Roses, left me by my Mom.

  16. Nice post! I do occasionally write letters to my elderly relatives, and I also write thank you notes. I must admit I'm very spoiled with email and use it when I can to keep in touch with family and friends, but some still do not use computers!

    On the same wave link, I try to reply to all the comments left on my blog. Some people don't, and some people don't even leave the comments!!


  17. Hi Judith, I do write letters. In fact, as part of a Ladies' Prayer Group ministry at church, I send handwritten notes of encouragement to persons who are ill. I don't often write to relatives, though. It's easier just to get on the phone and call. Your teapot is really beautiful, Judith. What a nice setting to sit down and write a note or letter!
    Hugs and blessings, Beth


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