Tuesday, August 3, 2010

New Lavender Treasures

There's nothing worse than being cut off from the world:  family, friends and of course blogging friends.  Our internet and telephone server has been acting up terribly over the last month with the service being down for periods of time and sometimes only being able to go on-line for about 10 minutes. 
What's a woman to do?  I was able to finally post for Mosaic Monday/Project Genesis but couldn't go back to visit many other posts as we'd lose service just as I got on to a blog and I missed my weekly tea with friends; that was disappointing.
I couldn't talk on the phone either but luckily we have a cell phone for emergencies and used it to call and complain many times.  Around 10 this morning everything just died on us.
Well, tonight, just after 5 pm a cable repair man came and finally fixed the problem that was not only ours, but the same for two other homes. 

I am excited about the lavender linens I bought on the weekend at a fantastic craft and antique show held annually just north of us.

Two different lavender patterns on a set of hand towels, a pretty runner with a lacy lavender edge and pillowcases with a butterfly on them.

How about this new ecru lavender pillow?

The hand towels, pillowcases and lavender pillow were purchased from a really nice and friendly antiques and collectibles dealer.  Janie Dunn told me she goes through old trunks to find many of her treasures and cleans and irons everything for sale.  Many of the dealers don't and their wares smell of moth balls - yuck!
The best part is, Janie has a booth at a country antique market not too far from the village I live in and I can see a drive coming up to visit her again.

Oh yes, I bought a new apron too from a vendor with placemats, tea cosies and a number of other  things - lavender with butterflies on it - does it get any better?  :-)


  1. Judith, your lavender treasures are just lovely! Love that sweet little pillow and the linens are beautiful! Thank you for sharing and I hope you're having a wonderful week.


  2. Hi Judith... I am glad to see your put your internet down time to good use, and did some shopping! You found some real beauties! The handtowel with lavender tied in a blue ribbon is so pretty, but my favorite is that pillow very nice:-)

  3. Treasures indeed they all look superb, so crisp and clean.


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