Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My Little Prairie Garden

When we removed the grass from the front of our property it was also taken out along the south side between our house and next door.  This is how it looked in June of this year with a branch of pagoda dogwood berries off to the side.  Of course Topaz is sitting behind the gate always keeping me in sight.

By August the plants are much taller and starting to fill in.

The native rudbeckia lacinata is as tall as the purple flowered western ironweed (veronia fasciculate) and both attract a number of pollinators.  The seed heads of little bluestem grass is visible between the two with a few spikes of red cardinal flower peeking through.  The hybrid goldenrod 'Fireworks' is behind and not quite in bloom yet.

But when it does...it lives up to the given name.

One of my favourite plants in the prairie is the wild quinine (parthenium integrifolium).  Blooms on a plant are usually soft but these flowers are solid hard little globes.

The blue vervain is just finishing.

Joe Pye weed (eupatorium purpureum) has a light vanilla scent.

Facing the street, the path to the front with the prairie garden on the left.
I hope you've enjoyed the tour of my little prairie garden where there are 16 varieties of native plants, 6 types of grasses and some non-natives as well.  All are drought tolerant, planted in clay and only receive what Mother Nature delivers.  When the asters start blooming I'll feature them in another post.


  1. Hi Judith, I am always surprised to see plants I don't know in gardens... and I know very few of your native plants!! Your garden trail is gorgeous, your neighbors must be so happy to have a talented landscaper next door!!

  2. I just love your flowers, so beautiful and unusual...Christine

  3. Your garden is absolutely enchanting. One certainly wants to follow the path. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Oh my, your garden is just so lush and out of this world gorgeous!

  5. What a beautiful post...i love the blue vervain..wow!! Must keep my eyes out for that! Look forward to seeing your asters..as I have had a groundhog out of the blue..eating all mine ha ha!! Please share lots of pics!!
    Wonderful peaceful post..your blooms are dazzling. I love that bird feeder? too!

  6. Judith the native garden is wonderful. My vervain has also finished, but the goldenrod is just starting. Take care and enjoy the rest of the week.

  7. The blue vervain is such a beautiful soft colour. I like your prairie garden.

  8. Your prairie garden, your path and your yard art are really special. You are doing a great job, Judith - beautiful garden! Enjoy AK!

  9. This is really marvelous, Judith! Such thought and care put into creating a really lovely space. Hope you're having a wonderful time! – g


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