Thursday, August 19, 2010

Friday's Favourite - A Royal Butterfly

This year has been an exceptional one on our property for butterflies.  August is when the monarchs become noticeable and they've been plentiful lately.  There are four butterfly bushes in my butterfly garden out the front and four monarchs were on one bush at once the other day.

I've let the purple cone flower self seed in this garden as they are a favourite nectar source too.
A saw a curious thing one afternoon though, and that was one monarch being territorial and chasing all other butterflies away from the butterfly bushes.  It kept sailing round and round and even tried to intimidate me to move along. 
I also grow several varieties of milkweed which is a larval plant for the beautiful monarchs.
I'm linking with Claudia at Dipity Road for Finding Beauty.


  1. Hello neighbour... kind of. I'm near Ottawa. Nice to meet you Judith.
    My butterfly bush didn't survive the winter I'm afraid. We get plenty of high winds here by the river, so I have to be careful. My apple tree didn't make it either : (
    Your pics are beautiful.
    Happy FFB
    Love Claudie

  2. Oh, those bright colored cone flowers are the butterflies favorites! The monarchs look so tame, they posed for the camera gracefully!

  3. wow amazing colours all around both on your echinacea and on your stunning butterfly. Have a nice weekend

  4. Wonderful pictures Judith, yes I have noticed a few butterflies in my yard and it is shady. Have a great weekend.

  5. Beautiful photos of the butterflies. I just love watching them in the garden.

  6. Judith, Your photos are beautiful! Enjoy your butterflies! You're feeding them well. Hope all is well with you. Have a great wknd!

  7. These photos are so beautiful, Judith! Pretty flowers and butterfly!..Christine

  8. What a pretty picture - and I'm jealous of your cone flowers! I had some, but they suddenly disappeared - guess I'll have to get new ones to plant next year!!

  9. Beautiful photographs, Judith. This summer has been full of beauty, hasn't it?
    Wishing you a lovely Sunday,

  10. How beautiful! We like so many of the same things! ♥


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