Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Winning Roses

I recently attended the Huronia Rose Society Rose Show.  There were so many varieties on display that it was a good opportunity for someone looking to buy a rose for their garden to decide on one.

David Austin 'Mary Rose'

Hybrid tea 'Rainbow Niagara'

Polyantha 'The Fairy'

Hybrid Tea 'JFK'

Floribunda 'Sentimental'

Grandiflora 'Queen Elizabeth'

Climber 'Dublin Bay'

David Austin 'Othello'

Hybrid Tea 'St. Patrick'

The members of this society will tell you that roses are being bred for bigger flowers and different colours for showing and in the process most have lost the heady scent that we associate with roses.  I can attest to this; when bending over to smell each specimen I photographed very few had any scent at all.


  1. hi judith,
    the roses looks sooooooooooo wonderful.i love roses, too.
    greetings from germany,

  2. Judith they are gorgeous and your photography is amazing, but how sad that the scent is lost. I prefer scented roses and have had a few down through the years that could almost put you into a coma they smelled so heady.
    Right now the only scented baby I have is a wild pink rose bush that is vicious with thorns and has to be trimmed constantly lest it kill everything else (me included). She only blooms in spring then with the rains the remaining blooms rot and fall off. But the scent is indescribable.

  3. beautiful roses, too bad there is very little or no scent to them, that is what roses are about, the wonderful scent

  4. Oh, how lovely! I want them all. :) Especially that peppermint stripe sentimental...

  5. I have to have a Mary!! I love David Austin roses and most of them smell wonderful.. Will have to see about Mary.

  6. Beautiful roses but what a shame about the loss of perfume.

  7. Oh how gorgeous! the Rainbow Niagra is especially eye catching. Such lovely photos! thanks so much for sharing them with us!
    Blessings, Doni

  8. Lovely photos Judith. Did you buy any? Too bad about the fragrance. It is hard to think of a rose without a smell. Bummer.

  9. Judith, They're beautiful but too bad the fragrance is gone. I love the Rainbow Niagra and the David Austin pink! I have two Queen Elizabeth that I just planted recently. Your photography is exquisite. Thanks for sharing!
    Blessings, Beth

  10. What a shame, they are so beautiful, a scent would make them perfect. Great pictures!

  11. Hi Judith... You went to a rose show and I am going to Lavender Festival we will make each other jealous:-) I saw Mary Rose on a blog a week or so ago, and hunted her down at the rose garden park yesterday.. I am smitten, she is on my short list! Thanks for the gorgeous photos:-)

  12. Your pictures are beautiful Judith! Just lovely. Those roses are just perfect and I love the variety in colour. What a great society...
    I'm Judith too...but I've shortened my name to Judi.
    It was nice to visit you and I will be back...come by and visit me too!
    have a lovely day

  13. Judith - I wanted to mention that I too live in Ontario. I'm north of Toronto...
    a beautiful province we live in

  14. How lovely to have seen all these together, Judith! I have Mary Rose, The Fairy, Queen Elizabeth and Othello, chosen for different reasons, but most of my Austins I chose specifically for fragrance. The best I've found are Lady Emma Hamilton, The Shepherdess and A Shropshire Lad. Most hybrid teas I am disappointed with as you mention. Wishing you a rosy weekend! – g

  15. Such beautiful roses!!!! I'm looking for two new ones this year and you've given me lots of ones to look for. Thanks! Mumzie


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