Monday, July 12, 2010

Tea with Friends - Blueberries & Victoria

We've had a couple of gentle rains the past two days but with time in between that was sunny and beautiful.  I decided to have my tea on the bench in the reading garden. 

The bone china cup & saucer is made by Aynsley of England but no pattern name.  A blue nigella flower looks pretty with the colours of it.

A scone with wild blueberry and maple syrup jam is accompanied by some fresh blueberries and a sprig of chocolate mint.

I've brought along a Victoria magazine from last year that shows a decadent blueberry tart on the front.  This magazine is one that is read cover to cover when it comes in the mail.  Victorian decor, marvellous homes and gardens and recipes are in each issue. 

Afternoon tea is also a big part of Victoria magazine with many fabulous tea rooms  featured.

I'm joining some special ladies for tea as usual this week:
Sandi, a fellow Canadian all the way out on PEI hosts tea from her blog Rose Chintz Cottage
Lady Katherine, a grand lady of tea hosts from Lady Katherine Tea Parlor
Martha, who has an infinite number of teacups and bling to go with them hosts from Martha's Favorites

And Kathy's Celebration of Victoria blog party hosted at A Delightsome Life
I hope you'll visit each of these ladies for tea and more about Victoria.


  1. I love the teacup! I adore the tray of Tea on the bench, reading one of my favorite magazines! So pretty! I love blueberries so much,scones, and maple syrup! I know I would love wild blueberry and maple syrup jam! Sounds so wonderful! Thank you for joining me each week for Tea Time Tuesday! I just love this setting among the flowers! What a lovely way to relax with this lovely Tea!

  2. Great choices all the way around! Your teacup is really beautiful. I love the way you have your blueberries and scone together with the cover of Victoria--Makes a great photo! Jacqueline

  3. Your Ansley tea cup and saucer are gorgeous with that beautiful scene painted inside and out, along with the swirl handle and lightly scalloped edges. Just beautiful!
    Your tea is lovely too, the food so beautiful to look at and I am sure, delicious : )

  4. Hi: I just knew the cup was an Ansley. It is so stunning. Thank you so much for being a part of the party. Blessings, Martha

  5. Very pretty cup and saucer and such a lovely series of photograps, all the colours complementing each other. I like the dark blue Nigella - ours are a lighter shade but pretty nonetheless.

  6. Ansley produced very delicate teacups.. and yours are just beautiful.. the setting in the garden and tribute to Victorian mags are just wonderful!

  7. Gorgeous teacup with a delicious scone with blueberries. I can just taste it.

  8. Goodmorning Judith!
    What a lovely post. My goodness, that scone and wild blue berries looks scrupmtious! The setting seems to be straight out of Victoria! The teacup is just the perfect match!
    I love the recipes found and you're right tea and Victoria go hand in hand!
    I am thrilled you joined me this week!

  9. What a beautiful garden setting, Judith! I love your photography. The teacup and saucer with the nigella is stunning! The scone looks delicious, Judith. I would love to have tea with you in the garden and a sprig of chocolate mint in my tea would be a delight!
    Hugs and blessings, Beth

  10. Great way to combine both subjects. But as you mentioned, one of the things I loved about Victoria was the tea articles. By the way, your tea display is darling.

  11. Hi :) Your teacup this week is simply lovely, and oh my, your scone looks delicious! I've just gotten up this morning, and have not had my breakfast I'm feeling quite hungry, lol :) I've just recently started buying the Victoria magazine, and so far I've been liking what I've seen. I'm thinking of subscribing to this magazine.

    Wishing you a Happy Teacup Tuesday!

    Warmest hugs, Brenda

  12. Oh Judith I love that cup! It looks perfect with that gorgeous blue flower and of course I am a huge fan of Victoria Magazine since the first issue....
    Have a wonderful day!
    Tina xo

  13. What a beautiful display! Gorgeous tea cup. Love the magazine, and of course, the yummy food!

  14. Good morning Judith,
    Your Aynsley teacup is just gorgeous! I love the pattern making its way inside the teacup! Your blueberry jam and scone look delightful and I would so love to join you for tea. What a beautiful setting! Thank you, dear lady, for sharing. It's been a pleasure. I wish you a beautiful day.


  15. Lovely cup and I think very distinctive with its florals. I have never seen a nigella...will have to check this flower out.

  16. BEautiful tea cup. Love the blueberries. Gorgeous color. Here's to Victoria Magazine!

  17. What a lovely post.Every things looks so beautiful....Enjoyed my visit.
    Sweet Blessings,

  18. Just lovely! and that scone looks so yummy!
    Happy Tea!

  19. Here I am Judith being nosey to see what is for tea. As usual there is something delicious and a lovely cup to admire. Love your items arranged on the bench. So nice.

  20. What a lovely tea...your cup is so pretty.
    I love scones almost as much as I love Mr. Sweet...*shhhh.....
    Enjoyed my time with you,
    xo bj

  21. What a beautiful tea cup and what a charming vignette you created with Victoria magazine!!
    I like the magazine but my favorite is still Romantic Country! I love the decor and since I hate to cook, recipes do nothing for me! LOL!!


  22. Beautiful setting... garden, flowers and teacups! Love it all! ;)


  23. What a lovely post and all our favorite things!

  24. My favorite the perfect addition to a little private tea. So sweet...and the scone and blueberries...the things dreams are made of! Just lovely!

  25. Hi Judith.. A very lovely post! Your yummy blueberries lookk like they popped right off the cover, what a great pairing! The beautiful teacup the icing on the cake!

  26. Beautiful Teacup and Amazing flower. I've never heard of that flower before and it's stunning. Thank you for including its name (makes it easier for me to find *smile*). Take care.

  27. I love that tea cup!...All is beautiful in your post and reading that magazine Victoria must be a pleasure...Long time ago I get an issue and I keep it as a treasure !

  28. Your Ansley teacup is beautiful. I love blueberries and that scone with blueberry jam looks so good.

    I was amazed when my hubby returned from N. Ontario last week and said that it was hotter there than in Atlanta.


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