Monday, July 5, 2010

Tea with Friends and Victoria

Today I'm combining a blog party with my tea friends.  It's a special party beginning this week to celebrate Victoria magazine and all that it has meant to women like me.  I first became aware of this wonderful magazine back in the 90's but unfortunately didn't keep every issue but still have some favourites.
Let's have some tea first, shall we?

I'm using my watering can teapot from the Marjolein Bastin collection that holds a good lot of tea and the lid is topped with a butterfly.

The spout has a cute little ladybug on it.

This cup and saucer is special to me as it is part of a gift of 6 various ones given to me by the friend I bought my new dining room suite from.  It's bone china and the pattern says 'Delphine'.

A view of the inside of the cup.

What has Victoria magazine meant to me?  Like many other readers the pages bring me pretty feminine things to look at and think about adding to my life.  It acts as a guide for the same type of decor I adore and can copy to achieve this.  There are fantastic recipes, flowers and best of all, motivation to make your own home the best it can be.

One of my favourite issues from back in June of 1999.  It showed what a royal wedding tea might be like and when you have an English background, articles like this beckon. 

Meringue swans were featured for the royal celebration in the magazine and served during an afternoon tea I attended at the Fairmont in Toronto a few years ago.  Aren't they delightful?
The friends I'm joining for tea today are Sandi, Lady Katherine and Martha
The Victoria magazine party is being hosted by  Kathy at A Delightsome Life who knows that tea and Victoria go hand in hand.
I hope you'll visit the other ladies for tea and perhaps take part in the Victoria party if you read the magazine.


  1. The teapot is so cute, with the ladybug on the spout. Have a wonderful tea.

  2. Lovely post for Tuesday Tea! I too adore Victoria Magazine and collect all back issues I can get my hands on..Take care!


  3. Very lovely teapot and teacup.

  4. I always enjoy looking at your tea time Tuesday to see what pretty you will take out for display. Of course I love your teapot. I have never read a copy of the magazine. I can hear the intake of breath here. I certainly will make an effort to canvas a copy at Chapters. The whole setting looks so nice on your new dining set.

  5. Gorgeous tea..yay..beautiful and inspiring..wonderful read..!

  6. Judith, Your teapot is adorable! Love Delphine, too. I enjoyed your pics from Victoria magazine. I've never read it but it looks like it'd be fun.
    Blessings, Beth

  7. Judith, that is a wonderful teapot. I am in love with the tiny ladybug on the spout! Love the shape, too.

    And your cup is lovely.

    I'm so glad "Victoria Magazine" is back!

    Happy Tea Time Tuesday...


    Sheila :-)

  8. Little hidden delights, like the placement of the ladybug...simply reminds us that even the most posh of tea times, had a bit of whimsy :)

    And yes that is a lush magazine! :)

  9. Judith! This is perfect. I love your watering can teapot and the teacup is delightful!
    Victoria did/does capture these wonderful things and reminds us how wonderful it is to be feminine!
    God Bless,
    Thank you for being my first participant!

  10. Goodness!! What a delightful post!! Combining Tea and Victoria!! How perfect!!!


  11. Love your teapot, Judith! It is really cute with the ladybug on the spout; lovely teacup too! I enjoy a Victoria magazine although I don't have many issues of it, maybe two. I'm not big on magazines but when I do get my hands on one, I surely do enjoy it. Your new dining set is lovely, btw! Thank you for joining me for tea and I wish you a lovely day.


  12. I'm not sure if you actually grow lavender. We grow some every year and are hoping to expand. Having it around just evokes the Victorian era and tea parties. So much fun.


  13. Those swans are incredible and your teacup is so special; but your teapot gave me the biggest grin. Mum gave me that same one this past spring. Take care.

  14. Lovely! The teacup is especially beautiful.

  15. I love that tea cup...It's really pretty and lovely
    I know that magazine I got some antique issues and I keep them as a treasure ...all full of beautiful images
    Take us a cup of tea

  16. Thanks for visiting my Victoria post! We're a small company today! I liked what you added in your comment--How you first encountered the magazine--unfortunately my comments are not posting to my blog today and no one else will see it! I know others would enjoy what you said. Best to you--Jacqueline

  17. Love the tea pot! Too cute. I love Victoria magazine and didn't keep the old issues either. I'm so happy that they started up again.

  18. Adorable tea pot! I loved Victoria Magazine too and have saved many of them. My first one is the Winter 1987/88 edition. From the moment I paged through it's charming pics and articles, I was hooked!!

    Susan and Bentley

  19. Found you thru KIKI at Heart of a Wizardess. What a beautiful tea salon you have prepared for us today. I, too, am a Victoria Magazine lover. I subscribed for years, but alas, I did not keep many back issues. But I do love looking thru the newer issues I have on hand.

    Good day to you,


  20. Hi :) What an adorable teapot! I don't think I've ever seen one shaped like a watering cute! Love your sweet pretty teacup!!

    Happy "Tea" Tuesday!!

    Warmest hugs, Brenda

  21. That teacup is just beautiful. And what a precious teapot with the surprise ladybug! Gotta love it.

  22. I just love the beautiful and delicate design, it is so crisp and clean in the rendering. A pleasure to look at! Well what can I say about "Victoria" I have just about all the old back issues myself and I would never ever part with them for anything! The new one is nice but nothing beats the lovely team they had back then!
    Tina xo

  23. Beautiful setting and teacup! I enjoy Victoria, but no long get the mag!

  24. Hi: I just love that tea cup it is so beautiful. Your design really reminds me of Victoria. I have read that magazine since it started in 1999. Have a wonderful week. Blessings, Martha

  25. I love your beautiful Delphine tea cup and saucer. The colors are so pretty. It does look like a cup from the Victoria magazine.

  26. Hi Judith... Tea on your new dining table! I love your new table, I am a big fan of Cherry wood:-) Also happy belated anniversary... our is in July too!
    Your cup is so pretty, but what really grabbed me is the spout of your teapot.. so cute, big smile!!

  27. I love this post. You have beautiful pieces of china to share with us all. How lucky you are to have a new dining suite.
    Marjolein Bastin is one of my favorite artist, the teapot is beautiful.

  28. Oh, my, what a gorgeous teacup you've shared today. And that teapot!! It's beautiful.

    Like you, I love Victoria magazine. In fact, in my "about me" section, I list it as one of my loves. So lovely, so feminine, so inspiring.

    Have a lovely day,
    Patti (Fill My Cup with Beauty)

  29. I love that issue, Judith, and the meringue swans are the ultimate tea "accessory". What fun and thank you for telling us about the Victoria party – my favorite magazine to this day.

  30. My church friends all gathered and I attended my first tea party at a fabulous tea shop in our little town. I have that same tea pot. I purchased mine at the Hallmark store. We did a gift exchange around the theme " tea party". Now I am trying to find the next tea party gift for the next party we have. Enjoyed your web page.

  31. I love the magazine, the swans are just beautiful. I love the charming tra pot with it's little extras and I also love yr TC&S lovely inside & out

    Love Dawn xx

  32. I've never seen a watering can teapot - it is very pretty and so is your teacup. I'll have to look up that issue of Victoria with the Royal Tea.

    I enjoyed afternoon tea at the Royal York (Fairmont) in Toronto a few years ago too.

  33. Oh, a girl after my own heart. I love Victoria Magazine AND I love Marjolein Bastine. You can see my Victoria magazine post at

  34. I enjoyed reading this very much! Nice tea time!

    I hope to join in the Victoria party when we return from vacation! I have a lot of past Victoria issues I would like to review!


  35. I have been reading Victoria magazine for 15 yrs
    Its just beautiful

  36. Your issue of Victoria is the same one I did my post about this week. The whole magazine is great, cover to cover. I noticed this post because of the picture of your teapot. I have the exact teapot, it was a gift from my son and I love it. Your blog is lovely.

  37. Judith - I'm a great fan of Victoria magazine also. I save every issue and look for copies at flea markets and thrift shops to fill in my collection of issues I missed before I started subscribing. It's always exciting to find copies somewhere. Even if I already have that issue I'll still pick it up to have extra copies on hand to mail to friends.


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