Thursday, July 1, 2010

Project Genesis - Reusable grocery bags

Suzan from Old Grey Mare is hosting Project Genesis where other like minded bloggers can share their ideas of how they have been making changes to help the environment.    If you have something to add, I hope you'll post too.  Bouquets to you Suzan.

I use reusable bags for my groceries and most other stores I visit.  They are washable, sturdy and eliminate the piles of plastic bags I used to have.  The grocery stores in all of Ontario, I believe, have the bylaw that if you want plastic, you pay for them - 25 cents a bag which is a good incentive to get people looking at alternatives.  And there are some, plastic bins are common to see in grocery carts too and they're easy to wash out or others reuse cardboard boxes.

This cute little bag is one crocheted from cotton by a friend and it's been used to tote my shoes during winter to an event, groceries, even a bottle of wine.... This lady uses them to bag a hostess gift and willingly hands them to friends.


  1. Good for you! Your help will make a great change someday!

  2. I wish the US would outlaw the plastic bags. But that requires political action, and we as consumers can be so negligent that way.

    It's not just the waste it is the fossil fuels and water waste to produce them and ship them.

    Thank you for joining us today.


  3. Judith, The crocheted bag is a lovely way to carry your shoes. Take care. Jen

  4. I've used my own bags for shopping for so long now and just can't understand why more folks don't! Yours are adorable and that crocheted one is beautiful. Thanks for participating in Project Genesis, I believe we're going to learn a lot from each other!

  5. I have been using my own bags for a long time and I refuse to pay for a plastic bag. Here we usually pay 5 cents, and if bags are offered for free I refuse them. I'm still finding places that really aren't set up for bag your own ... especially Walmart around here. They still automacially pull out the plastic so I always make sure I say I will pack my own at the beginning of the order.

  6. I believe charging for the bags is a great idea. I remember in France they would always do that but there ppl are so used to going to the market with their own bags. We here in the US are so behind the times! and a little spoiled:))
    Thanks for the great post!

  7. Hi...
    Thanks for popping over my way.. and for contributing to Z's great project.. You know many stores here in Australia do charge for the plastic bags.. not yet the supermarkets.. but many of the hardware and stationery/office supplies stores do.. so we are becoming accustomed to it.. I have some great little zip up fabric bags that I bought in Bali.. that zip up into the size of a small purse so you can always have them on hand... Great post... and thanks for popping over my way too... xx Julie

  8. Hi Judith!
    So glad you are joining in the Project! Your little crocheted bag is not only "green", it's stylish! :)

  9. Yay! Good post. And I LOVE your banner photos and the color of your site........beautiful!


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