Thursday, July 22, 2010

Lakeview Gardens Tour

Lakeview Gardens was established by Steve Radcliffe back in 1979 with his wife Gaynor.  Steve earned his National Diploma of Horticulture in England where he did his apprenticeship.
A three generation business, son Rob became a partner in 1986 and a grandson in 2010.
Besides being a knowledgeable gardener, Steve has been collecting antique gardening memorabilia for a number of years.
Come along with me for a tour of their gardens.

Rustic yet cozy seating in front of the house.

The famous knot garden with two different shades of santolina that Steve uses a pair of manual sheep shears to trim it with.

A closer look at the circular wheel shape and I believe this is boxwood.

A bear in the trees.  There are a few wood carvings amongst the plants and this is another hobby of Steve's.

I must show some of the antique tools.

A border bed.

A shade garden.

Ligularia by the pond.

A show stopping lily.

A half barrel planted with colour and form.

I'll end the tour with a summer phlox in my favourite colour.


  1. Just beautiful Judith and so inspirational. It is always wonderful to see a master gardeners work and get ideas from how they match and mix plantings. This garden is so obviously loved and that is what makes it most special!
    Tina xo

  2. That is gorgeous - from the knot garden, to that amazing lily. Thanks for taking us on a tour.

  3. That is a fabulous garden. I love the knot garden. Great photos Judith.

  4. Georgeous and well groomed (sheep shears?) and a delight to the eyes! Those old lawn mowers are wonderful...and have some great history to them!
    Thanks for sharing this garden with us. It is outstanding!

  5. Hi Judith... This looks to have been a wonderful day:-) I love the trimmed wheel hedge, I can't even cut my bangs in a straight line:-) The antique tools aare a fun collection! Thanks for sharing your day:-)

  6. What a lovelyplace! It reminds me I seriously want a knot garden and have just the spot but my hubby thinks it would be too French (he's English) :)


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