Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Lakeview Gardens Open House

We have a family owned gardening centre not far from where I live that's out in the country on one of the lines and as of this year they have a third generation as one of the owners.  Lakeveiw Gardens has an open house every July where they open their English style gardens to the public, have all kinds of food and punch to sample and invite some vendors with their home made wares.

They acquired their own hives a few years ago and sell honey.

Jams and jellies

And of course many herbs, perennials and annuals

Patsy is one of the invited vendors each year with her soaps and tea towels made from material she spins on her loom.  I can tell you that the soaps all smell heavenly.

The reason the Radcliffe family opens their gardens and provides food and drink to sample is in their own words "we want to thank the community for their business each year".  Apparently they've even had busloads of gardeners from neighbouring communities come for their Open House.
Tomorrow I'll show the gardens that they are well known for.


  1. Hi Judith, I enjoyed reading about your trip to Lakeview Gardens. It's always fun to visit someone else's garden. The first photo shows a lovely bouquet! Enjoyed seeing the vendor with her soaps, too. By the way, I received your package in the mail today and I absolutely love the lavender soap and candle. I will always think of you when using them. Not sure if I'll use the soap in the bath, or in my lingerie drawer. It does smell delightful!
    Thanks, Judith! Beth

  2. Hi Judith, Garden tours are my favorite summer activity:-) Isn't it fun to enjoy the garden without having to lift a finger (hose or weed!)? I can't wait to enjoy the tour with you tomorrow.

  3. Garden tours are a wonderful part of summer and vendors make that trip even better. Love all the soaps and tea towels.


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