Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Helping a turtle along

A couple of weeks ago we were at our local arboretum when I heard someone out on the road clapping their hands.  Fearing that one of the peacocks from the property next door was the issue I ran over to investigate and saw that a young man had stopped traffic and a huge turtle was lumbering across the road. 
Now this is only a country road but it leads down to the lake and a fair bit of traffic will travel on it daily.  The poor thing was exhausted trying to make it across and it was one of those really hot days with the sun beating down too.
My husband was with me and he went to get a wheelbarrow and a pair of work gloves because this poor turtle was of the snapping variety.  I took a bottle of water and poured it over the body hoping to help hydrate him a bit but what a stench when I did that!
The turtle was put in the wheelbarrow and taken to the back forty of the arboretum where there is a pond.
Look at the size of this thing, if anyone knows about these critters and can estimate how old he/she is, we'd like to hear from you in the comment section.


  1. Wow what a great adventure Judith! I have no idea how old this guy is but he's been around for a few years. I know they hibernate all winter so for him/her to get to that size has taken at least 10 years, but I would be curious to know also how old exactly this fella is.
    Tina xo

  2. Good Morning Judith Sweetie...
    Oh my gosh how awesome is this beautiful old guy. I love it. He has been around for some time. What a treasure to see. We don't see many this size anymore.

    When we lived in Oklahoma many years ago, we lived near a railroad track and I remember one morning seeing one crossing our road, his shell was the size of a dinner plate, and he was really moving. Scared me, as I had never seen one that size. Now living in the desert, the only turtles I see are at the Phoenix Zoo.

    Thank you for sharing. I so love his little face.

    Country hugs sweetie...Sherry

  3. What a gorgeous turtle! Sorry I can't help with identifying.

  4. Wow what a big guy he is. That was so kind of you to help him.

  5. Hi Judith, what a fun find he is! I never get to see turtles... my husband works next to Lake Washington, and often visits the lake at lunch and there are turtles everywhere there. He wanted to bring one home for the pond.. so I read up and learned they eat the little fish and will take a bite outa the big guys if they can!

  6. That was one big turtle that you rescued. Great job.

  7. What an interesting story, and what an act of compassion both by the young man and your husband!
    Hugs and blessings, Beth

  8. Oh my goodness, it is big! I don't know anything about turtles - other than this one lucked out when you took the time to help it along it's way. Kudos to you and your husband, Judith!
    Have a lovely day,

  9. So good of you and your husband to help him along.
    I've no idea about turtle's age, but he is big! I had no idea that some of them snap, having only ever seen one live- my SIL has one as a pet!

  10. Dearest Judith,

    All of you got very lucky for not loosing a finger or even a hand as they really can strike out. That's why they earned their name of SNAPPING Turtle!
    We see them around here in Georgia as well. They're predators!

    Greetings from Georgia,



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