Thursday, July 8, 2010

Front Garden Tour

I've been so busy lately but wanted to take the time to show our front yard which has no grass.  This view is from the driveway with the butterfly garden on the left.

The view from the back gate towards the front and this side faces south which receives hot sun all day.  Mostly native plants in this area that do well with the heat and only water from Mother Nature.

My Lavender Cottage stepping stone displayed on the side bar has a pretty butterfly on it and it's right near the lavender hedge which can be seen below.

Blogger has a mind of its own today and won't centre some photos.  The carpet roses along the walkway to the front look beautiful and keep blooming until fall. 

Looking out to the street 'New Dawn' rose is  climbing up the arbour.

The butterfly garden has several varieties of echinacea, this one is 'Sundown' which has the vibrant colours of a sunset.

'Primadonna' who is showing some funky green centres this year.  All of this type I started from seed and it is very sturdy with big blossoms.

'Ice Ballet' swamp milkweed is planted as a host food for the monarch butterfly.

The white flowering 'Annabelle' hydrangea is on one corner at the front.

The pink form called 'Invincibelle' is on the other corner.  She was just planted last year as one of my trial shrubs from Proven Winners and is not very big yet but...oh how I love the pink flowers.

I'm letting the knautia macedonia seed throughout the front border garden as it just keeps blooming even past when the frost has hit.

Cup plant, a tall native is easily recognized by the square stem and the cup the leaves form to hold water for passing insects.

After such a long tour,  join me for some iced tea and a slice of pecan pie.


  1. Your garden is gorgeous and the photos well done. I can feel my waistband getting tight looking at the pie.

  2. What a lovely walk thru your gardens today........mmmmmm pecan pie is my favorite.


  3. I am so envious of your front garden ... all flowers and no grass. I would love to do that, but we have such a huge lot. One day when we downsize and move to a smaller house and lot I'll be doing that for sure.

  4. I am living through you ~ your garden is absolutely stunning! Such variety and color! I don't have grass either and use native plants (there's a post on my blog about 2 wks ago). Always fun to find new plantings that others have used to see if that might work.
    And the pie ~ nuff said!

  5. Glorious selection of flowers - delightful form and colour.

  6. Hi Judith..oh so gorgeous! Love the carpet roses everything...stunning! Love the roses climbing that aweseom trellis-gate too..spectacular!
    Such a super lovely tour..all your blooms are beautiful..thankyou! And I'll have a piece of pie to go please!

  7. Oh my goodness, how beautiful!!! All that lavender looks heavenly:)

  8. Everything is so beautiful! I have never seen Ice Ballet' swamp milkweed before - it is so pretty. Thank you for shaing - the pecan pie looks wonderful! :)

  9. Oh Judith, Your garden is stunning, thank you for the tour. Jen

  10. Hi Judith... I almost missed your tour! Your garden looks wonderful, love that pathway and primadonna is stunning and so unusual! Actually you have so many great and unusual plants.. square stems!!! Your lavender, Mmmmmm! Thanks so much for sharing, I enjoyed it so much:-)

  11. Beautiful garden and yummy pecan pie!

  12. Judith, Your sundown echinacea and your hydrangeas are gorgeous! And that piece of pie looks great! I am so happy to win your giveaway! Thank you very much, Judith.
    Blessings and hugs, Beth


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