Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tour of my gardens

Before I take you on a tour of my gardens I'd like to acknowledge that I reached the '100 followers' mark this week for which I am humbly flattered.  When I began my blog, it was to share my wisdom of gardening which evolved to include home decor and my love for afternoon tea.
Many bloggers have celebrated this achievement with a giveaway and  I'd like to have one too, but not for the reason of hitting a certain number nor to acquire more followers.   My giveaway will be in the near future and you'll just have to visit often to find out all about it.  Blogging has introduced me to some new friends and I want to say how much I have enjoyed getting to know you.

I walked around the gardens the past couple of weeks to take some photos when it wasn't raining for a change.

The reading garden has a lot of variegated plants which I know is a past trend, but I still like the effect.  It will have more colour later in the summer.

The Japanese garden is on the north side and has some of my favourite plants.

This little fairy garden has a petite weeping pussy willow between the two fairies.  In the back is weigela 'Red Prince' that will flower again in late summer.

The native water lilies in the pond have spread very well this year.

 At the back you can see the first of the white flowers (peonies) blooming in the moon garden which is pretty when more begin to flower.

And the tea house beckons for a relaxing rest in the shade by the pond.  I'll have to get busy with more photos to show you around the front yard next time.


  1. Hi,

    Your garden is so beautiful! i wish i have a garden too..:) and a tea house... oh i'm drooling..:)) these are beautiful pictures!!


  2. Hello Judith... Congratulations on 100, I so enjoy reading all you have to say!
    Your gardens look great, I enjoyed the hidden fairies scatterd about:-)
    I so hope you show more of your moon garden! I have always wanted to grow one! I planted moon flower morning glory seeds on the patio, but had to replant yesterday, because the true lovers of this rain.. The slugs, devoured them!
    Hoping for sun for you and me,

  3. Hi Judith and many congratulations on your 100th follower - well done you!! I was intrigued that you have a reading area and I like the sound of that very much and, even though, my garden is small - will see how I can incorporate such an idea. Thank you, take care, Judith

  4. Hi Judith,
    I enjoyed the tour of your lovely garden-everything looks so neat and tidy.I like how you have separate areas for reading etc. and even a tea house!I could definitely enjoy a cup of tea there.
    Congratulations on 100 followers too.

  5. Congrats on the followers and I just love your garden pictures. It is an inspiration.


  6. Hi Judith, Congratulations on reaching 100, your garden is beautiful. Love all the different rooms. Take care.

  7. Good morning Judith,
    You have a beautiful garden! I like how you have separate areas to enjoy. That makes it all the more interesting and pretty. Congratulations on 100 followers!


  8. Congrats on your 100, I think I might have been #99. :) I love your little fairy garden. So cute.

  9. Beautiful peaceful place just to be.... love that purple tablecloth, it looks magnificent against all the greenery...


  10. Congratulations on your 100 mark! And thank you for the lovely tour of your garden, it is lovely and looks like a wonderful place to relax and spend time. Thanks for sharing with us all. Best wishes from Vancouver Island. Michelle.

  11. What a wonderful garden! I love "exploring" it like this, and imagining having tea with you... Congratulations on the 100 followers, of which I am happily one of them.

  12. Your garden is a complete delight!!! I've neglected mine the last couple of years.
    This is the I take it back!!! haha
    Nice to meet you!!!


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