Monday, June 21, 2010

Tea with Friends - Supersize it

Tea today is not in a dainty cup and saucer but rather in a very large mug.  The Mandarin Chinese buffet restaurant chain  had a special at one time to order your tea in the mug and you could buy it for a few dollars.

This mug holds a whopping 2 1/2 cups of liquid and does keep my tea hot too.  Ladies, you know where you're headed after drinking one or two mugs of tea from it....:-)
Well, you can't have a huge mug of tea with a petite dessert along side it so I made my pizza pan chocolate chip cookies. (the recipe that makes 2 is on my recipe page under the banner)  Now, there were two reasons to bake the large cookies and that was so I could give one to the new neighbours next door that moved in with two little boys.  The other........a slice goes very well with tea and my husband Glenn is a chocolate chip cookie kind of guy.

Wouldn't you know it?  We got into our pizza pan cookie before I remembered to photograph it!  I think you can see what a big cookie you end up with.

There you have it; if it's possible to supersize afternoon tea, I believe I did it!  I promise to get out some pretty cups and saucers for tea next week.

I'm joining these ladies for tea this week: Sandi at Rose Chintz Cottage, Lady Katherine at Lady Katherine Tea Parlor, Martha at Martha's Favorites,


  1. I love big coffee mugs and this one is no exception. And the cookie looks absolutely YUM...

  2. Judith, I am so jealous of that big mug of yours! I LOVE tea first thing in the morning in a BIG mug! The first sip is always so good! The cookie look yummy too!
    Thanks for the nice comment on my daughter's party. Of course you love the colors! I am loving purple more and more these days!

  3. Oh I love my huge coffee mug too! It's mine and I love it filled with coffee, tea or soup! Oh what a scrumptious looking cookie!


  4. Yum. Now I want a great big cookie to go with my pot of tea. :)

  5. Cookies looks great...mug would hold enough tea for a while on the deck!

  6. What a wonderful mug for tea! Like Nancy above, I enjoy my tea, coffee, and soup in a mug. I don't always have my tea in a dainty teacup although I do beleive it does taste better that way. Your supersized cookie looks yummy too! Thanks for sharing and for joining me for Tea Time. It's been a pleasure to visit you as always.


  7. Hi, Judith, you are my kind of girl, supersize mug and a supersize chocolate chip cookie, perfect!! Thank you for sharing with us, dear friend. Love and blessings to you~ Vicki

  8. That is a great mug. I like to use a mug during the day - less trips to the teapot. ;-)

    I remember eating at the Mandarin on a trip to Toronto, ON.

  9. Judith...this looks wonderful! I like your big cups. I hace a couple from Starbucks that were a gift from my daughter. I use them for coffee all the time, now I am inspired to have a BIG cup of tea :)


  10. Oh my, that is a BIG mug!! I'll have some Hot chocolate in mine please :) Oh, and a BIG slice of that Chocolate chip pie! Yummy!!

    Happy Teacup Tuesday, warmest, Brenda

  11. Hi Judith... That is one big mug! I think that you will burn off the calories from the cookie lifting the mug (wishful thinking anyway):-) I am loving your cookie, I will have to save the recipe for when my sweet tooth get ahold of me:-)

  12. Now that is a proper size mug to have a cuppa in!! wonderful - love your post today, take care, Judith

  13. Love your post!
    I would need a bathroom close by if I drank from your cup : )
    That cookie pie looks so tasty!

  14. Now that is a cup of tea! the new neighbours are going to love You.


  15. Oh, I can see why you invited me by with my HUGE mug. Great minds things alike, huh? Oh and I MUST go get that hubby is a choc chip cookie guy too!
    Happy Tea!

  16. Love the huge mug!! I am also a big coffee drinker and I could use a mug like that when I am at work and drinking my cuppa brew~~

  17. Hi Judith, That is one mighty big cup! I could use a cup like that for coffee in the morning! lol
    I hope you have a wonderful week, Theresa

  18. Oh you made me smile with your post today. A super-sized cup and cookie :) It looks so good. Thanks for the sunshine. Take care.

  19. This made me smile. A huge cup and cookie

    love Dawn xx

  20. Hi Judith! LOVE your super-sized mug today; but if you know me, you KNOW I was even more excited about the super-sized cookie! I have never made these before, but would love to try to sometime! I will look up your recipe, and thank you for sharing it!.. Enjoy your afternoon! ~tina

  21. A woman after my own heart! I love to have large cups of tea. Your post put a big smile on my face today. Thanks, spent the day paying bills. It is nice to smile after that. Blessing to you! Martha

  22. Yum, love the big cookie.

  23. You are a lady after my own heart! my mouth was watering thinking of a BIG cup of tea and some of that cookie!! :0)

  24. I just popped in and I ennjoyed your blog. Love big mugs, my absolute favorite.

    take care-

  25. Wow! You really did supersize tea today~ that cookie could serve all the ladies participating in Tea Time .

  26. I have to admit, I do like drinking from a large cup, my Tea stays hot longer and I can carry it anywhere I going and not have to go refill as much. lol I love chocolate chip cookie in the pizza pan! Silly me I go buy the large chocolate chip cookies when my children request them for... Now I just need to bring out my pizza pan! Great tip! Thank you for joining me again, and again for Tea Time Tuesday. I still not feeling well but will be here every week! Love your mug and Cookie!


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