Thursday, June 3, 2010

Friday's Favourite - Peonies

If I had to choose a favourite perennial flower, it would be peonies for sure.  They have just started to open this week and I love this deep pink shade.

The question most often asked about peonies is what the ants are doing.  Well, they're just having a feast on the waxy substance covering the buds and don't harm the plants at all.

The most fragrant peony I have is not one of the pinks (I have several of this colour) but the white one that a friend gave me years ago from the farm where she lived.  A piece of all of my peonies have travelled with me from the last house to where we live now.

It's not hard to tell that I favour the frilly double varieties.

The only problem with these is that after a rain they become so water logged and heavy that they tumble right over to the ground.

Single and semi doubles are not as prone to this problem and they are just as pretty.  A good source for information on peonies is the Canadian Peony Society.

Peonies are a good choice for a cut flower and perfume the air with their sweet fragrance.


  1. Great shots of the peonies. The ants are never far away when they are in bloom.

    Darryl and Ruth : )

  2. Hi, your blog is beautiful. the flowers are way too beautiful. Love reading your posts. following you!


  3. Ahh, Judith, what a wonderful collection you have! I love the frilly ones, too, but they come in such a variety of shapes and colors it's really hard to pick a favorite. I have only one peony that came with our house so I don't know the name. But I've never seen any ants on them, interestingly! Hope you have a sunny, fragrant weekend. – g

  4. I love peonies, but I must admit I prefer the singles. Your white is very beautiful, maybe we can trade pieces your white for a red with yellow center.

  5. Hello Judith... I am a huge Peony fan too, and I love those frilly doubles! You seem to be passing me by in the progress of the garden, my peonies are barely starting! And you have that gorgeous mixed bouquet!! We seem to be stuck in early spring:-( Hope you are having a fabulous weekend!

  6. They are all beautiful Judith. My favourite is the white with yellow centre. Valerie

  7. These are gorgeous! I am anxiously waiting for the first flower on my cosseted never-before-flowered peony to open - hoping it's as lovely as yours.

  8. The multi coloured frilly one is gorgeous. Beautiful photos of beautiful blooms

  9. Hi Judith, I apologize for not stopping by in awhile. I've gotten so caught up in other things. But I'm glad I popped in today. Your peony photos are so beautiful, I can smell them. They bring back a lot of memories for me as they were my mother's favorite, and she had them planted all around her house. (On the outside, of course). Without the ants eating the waxy covering of the bud, they wouldn't bloom! Ants are great! ~karen

  10. These are my favorites too!! My aunt had a hedge of them on her property. Abundant blooms every year, so she would have a couple of bouquets in the house for the month of June. Thank you for the sweet memories of her!
    Hope you have time to sit a spell and enjoy a cup of tea with me later.

  11. I love peonies! Your posts with them are so pretty. They are one of my Mom's favorite flowers too. Keep your flag-a-wavin' Joan


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