Thursday, June 24, 2010

Friday's Favourite - Pause and reflect

I'd say that many of us have our heads down most of the time, watching where we're going.  Unless you like to star or cloud gaze, what's happening over our heads often goes unseen.
Take the photo below for instance; what a neat thing it is to see a plane leave double white lines behind it way up in the sky.  What's the pilot like, does he get a thrill when he sees the lines behind him, and where is the plane going?
When you see a plane such as this, your eye just naturally follows it for as long as it can be seen.

And after it's gone, those two straight white lines begin to fade into wiggly lines that eventually become a wisp on a cloud.

I'm linking with the lovely Claudia at Dipity Road for her Finding Beauty meme.  Visit the bloggers there that find beauty in many ways.


  1. I like capturing con trails too - amazing how quickly they disperse and become part of the universe!

  2. Beautiful shots - LOVE that blue sky! :)

  3. How lovely! I like to watch the trails too! The sky is so amazing, nicely captured!

  4. Wonderful thoughts and images, Judith! Hope your weekend is terrific. – g

  5. Lovely thoughts and photos. :)

  6. Beautiful! Our man-made wonders can be as awe inspiring as Nature's. Certainly flight counts 'way up there in the "isn't that amazing!" category.


  7. How did you capture these photos so close-up? they are neat!

  8. Im like you -- I love looking and wondering about things I will never know the answers to. However-- in my world its all exotic and wonderful.


    Thanks so much for joining our FFB -- have a wonderul weekend!

  9. We live near a major airport - so even on the cloudless days - we see those whisps spreading across the sky ever so slowly!

  10. So true! I love the sky and all its moods!

  11. I love your blog name, it caught my eye on a comment you left on another blog. You have a lovely blog also:) I lived in Ontario for 6 years when I was younger, we lived in a town called Oakville not too far from Toronto. My stepsister lives in Hamilton and my dad and stepmom have a condo in TO where they spend the summers:)

    Your newest follower:

  12. Love your photos of the sky and "trail." I do enjoy watching the clouds.

  13. What a lovely post!
    Simple, beautiful and so thoughtfull!


  14. I love this...and yes, I always stare in wonder with those same questions. It's neat seeing a photo of it.

    I'm visiting for Finding Beauty...Hope you are having a wonderful day.

    Stephanie ♥


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