Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday's Favourite - Doggy Kisses

I'm running behind today, so late to post my Friday's Favourite but on the other hand, the last of the hardwood is finally laid, and I've cleaned everything from top to bottom.  Never again!  Both my husband and I said we're getting too old for this stuff, hiring someone would be much easier, albeit more expensive.

What is it about kids and dogs with the kisses?  Below grandchildren Sam and Mia are smooching with Topaz.

Here's Henry, their own cock-a-poo saying "Hey, what about me?"


  1. Oh Judith those pictures are just too cute! Children with dogs are just the best! Have a great Friday.

  2. That is so cute Judith. Glad to hear the floors are done.

  3. What wonderful grandchildren Judith. I am so glad you can put you house back in order, have a wonderful weekend and take care.

  4. We laid hardwood in our family room in December so I'm feeling your pain (probably literal pain for you, more mental on my part). It's a bit like labour though, once you start enjoying the floor your memory of the hardships laying it down will diminish. It is so worth it though.

  5. these pictures are way too cute!

  6. Ahhhhhhhh, what cutie pies!!! :)

    Hubby is now 61 and I'm turning 58, and we still are doing the heavy work ourselves. Sigh. After all your hard work, I bet you are loving your new hardwood floors! I hope to put some in the tiny house in the next few years!

    Wishing you a wonderful (and restful) weekend, Judith!

  7. Hi Judith, All that love going around:-) We have done the installing floors ourselves too, hard work, and the dust!!! The mess will be gone and you'll enjoy your floors forever though:-)


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