Thursday, June 10, 2010

Friday's Favourite - Caesar's Brother

I do not have many irises, a couple of clumps of pallida (sweet iris that has green and gold foliage) but the ones I like best are I. siberica 'Caesar's Brother'.  This regal name must come from the description of royal blue flowers witht a gold throat.

This is Caesar's Brother in bud

The flower fully open


  1. Beautiful, lovely color of purple and the flower is so delicate.

  2. Just beautiful! And the color is so gorgeous.
    I have one iris that is pale lavender with a gold throat and a shorter variety that is yellow with a burgundy throat. They are both lovely and I wish I knew more about them but they were here when I moved in and I just divide them each spring and spread the cuttings to new locations.
    From a small clump in one bed I now have three huge clumps in different spots in the yard.
    So exciting when they finally open in the spring!

  3. Hi Judith,
    What a pretty Iris! They are my husband favorite flower in the garden.
    Here comes Friday.. garage sale day! Are you ready? :-)

  4. well with a name like 'Judith' I just had to pay you a visit and so glad that I did - the flowers are just divine - take care, Judith


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