Monday, May 3, 2010

Tea with Friends - My favourite tea

Some days there are no tea parties, just me drinking tea by myself and in a pretty mug which holds more than a teacup.  The mug is easy to carry outside to sip from while doing a garden walkabout and now that the weather is warmer, I'm doing this more often.
I'd thought I'd share my favourite tea with you today, it's caffeine free and I drink it with milk and honey.

Here's the label on the tin, I keep all my teas in tins to keep them fresh.

This variety of rooibos is a rich looking loose leaf tea that I buy at a specialty tea store.

The teapot I'm using today has a huge infuser where I have the tea steeping.

It is a double-walled stainless steel teapot from Paderno which keeps the tea hot for a long time.

My mug has Portmeiron Studio written on the bottom and I like the pretty blue flowers.  It was a birthday gift from a friend last year and I've enjoyed many kinds of tea in it.
I hope you'll join my friends for tea at Rose Chintz Cottage, hosted by Sandi and Lady Katherine's Tea Parlor, hosted by Lady Katherine.
Cielo is having a Victorian teaparty for Mother's Day and to participate you can read about it here.


  1. Judith, Thanks for sharing your favorite tea. Your photos are so nicely done! A real visual treat!

  2. I'm late getting around to the Mosaic Monday posts, but that means I get to see your next post too - bonus!
    I too like Vanilla Rooibos Tea - and I have a thing about having my tea HOT. I don't think I've ever seen that particular teapot - I'll have to look around.

  3. Hi!! I love the cup..and is so special to receive meaningful treasures from friends!! Lovely! Fabulous loose tea..yum!! Fabulous post! Have a happy tea!!

  4. Good morning Judith,
    Happy Tea Time Tuesday! I enjoy a mug of organic Rooibos myself from time to time. Actually, I like several teas and they're all organic. That is a wonderful pot and it's interesting because Paderno is made here on PEI. The mug is very pretty too. Thank you for sharing your wonderful post and for joining me for Tea Time. Hope you have a lovely week.


  5. Your mug is so pretty and perfect for your favorite cup of rooibos.

  6. Hi Judith!

    I have never tried this tea, I will have to keep an eye out for it!

    I love that teapot! I am always looking for a teapot that I can take outside and enjoy some tea with friends and the tea remains hot.

    A perfect cup to enjoy your tea.

    Have a wonderful day!

  7. Oh, a lovely cup!


  8. Oh, I love BOTH your beautiful tea pot and teacup today!.. Love going for walks now that the weather permits! I'm afraid I don't have a garden, and I'm sure yours is lovely!... but the sidewalks 'round my neighborhood will have to do nicely enough for me I guess! It's just so nice to feel the sun shining down, breathing the fresh air, and smelling the beautiful blossoms everywhere! Enjoy! ~tina

  9. Even tea by yourself is a party!

    Happy Tea Time!

  10. What a lovely mug with such delicate blue flowers!

  11. Judith,
    Thank you for sharing the cup of tea with me...Enjoy the visit! Love your tea cup....Happy Tea..katherinellen

  12. Oh my sweetie this is darling! Love your post! Please stop by and say hi when you get a moment!

  13. Such a lovely mug. And you're right, sometimes you need a mug.

    - The Tablescaper

  14. Thats a pretty impresive teapot! Very interesting, I love it! Didn't know they had styles like this. Such a pretty and special cup to sip your tea.

    Not needing anymore customers...thats a good thing right! LOL You gave me a good tickle! Thanks!

  15. I just love your photos! The tea pot with the wonderful infuser! It great!! Love your mug. Yes, I been out in the yard a little and come in for a break for a cup of tea. My 4 year old granddaughter was helping me plant seeds today, I told her lets take a break, she said no Granna I want to help you. I said I tired, lets get a cup of Tea. We sat on the porch and drank tea from our favorite cups. So fun to know we are doing the same thing! Just a cup of Tea while relaxing with our favorite cup or mug! Thank you for sharing a your wonderful Tea, pot, and mug for Tea Time Tuesday! I just loved seeing your wonderful Teapot!

  16. Hi Judith,
    Love your stainless teapot, I must learn more about brewing tea :-)

  17. Thanks for sharing. Such a pretty mug. And I am going to look into the tea pot. I like having some kept hot. Didn't have time to share a tea on Tuesday. But I enjoyed looking into a new magazine last night with recipes for cooking with lavendar. See you later.

  18. I have had Rooibos tea before but not like this! I am going to have to keep an eye for this here in Oz!

    Happy Wednesday and best wishes,

  19. Gee Judith: You could have invited me. Like your fancy teapot and of course you know I like PortMeirion. Valerie


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