Monday, May 31, 2010

Tea with Friends - Bee Tea

This black and yellow cup and saucer made me think of a bee in the garden.  It's Old Royal Bone China 'Wetley Rose'   The fat bee on the side of the saucer is one of the weights I use outside to hold my tablecloth down.

The saucer has two rose buds surrounded by a gold coloured design.

Help yourself to honey for your tea from the little honeypot.

I picked some rhubarb from the garden to make one of my favourite desserts.........

A German Rhubarb Coffee Cake that makes a 9 x 13 pan.  (See the Lavender Cottage recipe page to make this delicious cake)

I'm using my stainless steel bee napkin rings for my bee themed tea too.

A friendly bee on a daylily leaf has decided to join us.

I'm linking with Rose Chintz Cottage, Lady Katherine Tea Parlor and Martha has invited me to Martha's Favorites for tea this week.


  1. Hi Judith, I love the black teacup and your cake looks yummy. Take care. Jen

  2. Your teacup and saucer are so pretty and the bee tea theme is so fun! When I see a dessert using rhubarb, it reminds me of my mother. I never developed a taste for rhubarb, but she loved it. I must admit, your cake looks very tempting.

  3. How beautiful...I love your Bee tea!! yay! So all looks fabulous!!
    Happy tea Judith!!

  4. What a beautiful tea! Very inviting.


  5. Hi Judith,
    What a charming tea with your bees! Your teacup is very handsome and embellished beautifully! I love rhubarb and your dessert looks yummy! Thank you for sharing and for joining me for Tea Time. My post will be going up shortly and your link is added. Hope you have a lovely week, my friend.


  6. Hello Judith, This is such a unique tea post! I love it! And your coffee cake looks so good! I'm coming over for a piece :)

    Happy Teacup Tuesday!

    Warmest, Brenda

  7. That black teacup is fabulous and the rhubarb looks yummy! Warm regards, Connie

  8. Hi, and thanks for visiting my blog, and for your nice comments. Your cup is very pretty, and the dessert looks yummy!


  9. Your Tea cup is amazing! Just love it! Adore the bee weight and the bee napkin ring! Oh, the honey pot! Just love it! I collecting bees things, for I was given a Bee Teapot for my Birthday. I hope the bee doesn't decide to fly in to the wonderful cake! What a great dessert! Thank You for joining me again for Tea Time Tuesday. I hope to visit all the Tea's I missed, SOON! I read your comment about the linens! How excited I am! I can't wait to see what you find! It will be so wonderful to have vintage linens from Australia! Let me know when you find something and how much I need to send you for them. Love, love this Tea cup!

  10. What an unusual teacup. It's so beautiful and I love that bee napkin ring.

  11. I love your bees, and the rhubarb coffee cake looks like something I need to try - I've printed the recipe, and hope to be picking my rhubarb soon. Thanks.

  12. Everything is just bee-u-tiful.
    Your black teacup and saucer is so elegant looking. I love rhubarb and your coffee cake looks yummy,
    Have a honey of a day.

  13. Hi Judith!
    I have never seen a teacup like that and its absolutely stunningly gorgeous!
    And your afternoon teaparty display is so BEE-U-T-Ful :-)
    I LOVE Cockers and your Topaz is sure a sweetiepie!!
    Thanks so much for sharing your Teacup Tuesday!


  14. Hi Judith.. You have been getting the most amazing bee photos... gorgeous captures! I love that unusual black teacup!

  15. such lovely setting.. and sweet treats just yummey! happy TCT

  16. Goodmorning,
    loving your teacup and especially the bee.
    I love bees - one of God's greatest blessings to us!
    Thanks for stopping by,

  17. Loved your Lavender & Lace mosaic and this teacup one is BEEautiful, too!! (I couldn't resist)

    My Mom grew rhubarb when I was young. Always thought her pies needed more sugar!!!!!!

    Since you love bees, you should see this tablescape:

  18. I absolutely love this tea cup and saucer!! Black is just so elegant and I love the cute little bee!!

    What a great Tea Time post!!


  19. Lovely teacup - lovely dessert!

  20. Very pretty! I have never tasted rhubarb before, and I think it's time to try something new!

  21. What a gorgeous tea cup! This is the second black one I've seen this morning. I just love how elegant they are in black! You did a wonderful post for today...thanks for sharing. After all this food I'm seeing I think I need to have some breakfast! :)

  22. I've never seen a black teacup before! How elegant! Imagine it with a black and white toile place setting! It's beautiful!

  23. Hello Judith, this is my first time to your lovely blog. I love the tea cup you have shown us today. Black is so dramatic and beautiful!
    Your dessert looks so yummy, I love rhubarb!
    Thank you so much for joining in Tea Cup Tuesday! I have enjoyed my visit today.

  24. Good afternoon Judith
    I have never seen such a dramatic tea it! I am done work at 4:00 so will be over for dessert.. ;)
    Thanks for sharing!


  25. I love that Rhubarb Struesel Cake. I made it last week for our Horticulture Society Plant and Bake Sale. I was asked specifically to bring it and yes it was soon sold. Valerie

  26. Judith,

    It's the bees Love the color scheme.

    Have a wonderful week.


  27. i have got the same honey pot at home (France) ! gorgeous tea cup !!

  28. Your cup and saucer is beautiful. I'd like to add a black cup to my collection. Your rhubarb cake looks delicious. I miss rhubarb desserts - its not available in my area.

  29. Hello Judith- The bee theme is so sweet and your teacup is lovely. My first blog post on my teacup blog is a black teacup and Dawn from is also featuring a black teacup this week. Black teacups have a mysterious elegance to them, don't you think? Take care.

  30. What a beautiful black tea cup!

    I like rhubarb and that recipe looks delicious!


  31. Hi Judith, Love the teacup, LOVE the rhubarb coffee cake – what a delightful theme and perfect for the warm, beautiful days! – g


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