Thursday, May 6, 2010

Good bye grass

Previously I posted about making a large tree and shrub garden in the backyard by putting down newspaper (lasagna gardening) and covering it with mulch which has pretty much suffocated all the grass that was growing under it.

The outlining stones are just being laid here and of course I had to lose my herb wheel.  At the back left of the photo you can see the start of the tea house that hubby built me at the end of the summer which I also did a post about.
Today I took another couple of photos that show some additions to the tea house and what we've been doing this past week.  More newspaper, and cardboard too this time, to cover  most of the remaining grass and then spreading 5 tonnes of pea gravel.  My paths were already pea gravel so it all blends in nicely.

This is the bed I requested to grow the trial plants I receive from Proven Winners in which is why there are black fence barriers around the little shrubs.  With a male dog, they're just the right height for that leg to lift.  I also bought a couple of yellow Itoh peonies that were planted in the fall; hope I get a bloom on one of them.

The weather has turned cooler here but as soon as it warms up, I'll be able to have my afternoon tea in the shade by the pond again.  It will be nice when all the plants are blooming for some colour and fragrance.


  1. What a wonderful idea!! It looks so beautiful. And no grass to cut! I just love the tea house - what a charming way to spend some time.

  2. I eschewed grass for clover, dandelions and forget-me-nots 3 years ago. I do not regret it, living by the lake! 5 tonnes??!! Looks great to me!

  3. Well, here comes another idea for DH to do for me ... I am always changing my gardens ...


    Sorry you have a cold, Ceekay ... get well quick! There are a lot of 'bugs' going around out there now.

    Have a beautiful Mother's Day.
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  4. I'm loving it! We have sooo many trees on our property the thought of ripping it all out and doing what you've done sounds wonderful. Getting old and tired of raking.

    Magical transformation! Whoot Whoot!


  5. Hi Judith... Wow great new flower bed!! I love planning and planting new beds! I pulled all our grass out of the back too.. when we moved I was on a mission to have no mowing in the back, I used the cardboard & mulch system also :-) Love your tea house, what a sweet hubby you have! I hope the weather turns to the sunnyside, for us both!

  6. Thats what I did to get rid of my lawn too! My neighbors thought I was crazy!! LOL
    Yep, no more lawn front or back...only way to go.
    Your looks gorgeous!!

  7. Tea house is quite lovely ... I like the transformation of your yard. No more mowing! That's nice. And your hubby's new car is great. He will enjoy it I'm sure.

    As far as the "american" scones, I have both heard it from Brits, and observed over there, that their scones are round, whereas we do the triangle thing. I could be wrong, or this just my experience. Maybe I should remove that part from the post!

  8. It looks wonderful and the best part is no lawn.

  9. What a beautiful garden and home you have ! And I love, love, love the name of your blog ; D

    gena in nj

  10. I love how it turned out... I'm also thinking of removing all grass in one side of my garden.... it looks so much better.... and less work trying to keep it green! ;)



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