Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tea with Friends - Scones and marmalade

Today I'm joining for tea:
Sandi's Tea Time Tuesday at Rose Chintz Cottage & Inspirations
 Katherine's Tea Time Tuesday at Lady Katherine Tea Parlor
Wanda Lee's Tuesday, Tea for Two at The Plumed Pen

Despite the fact that we are knee deep in laying hardwood floor right now, I finally found time to bake something for tea today.

Buttermilk scones with dried cranberries, they're best when warm from the oven.

I'm using a colourful jam pot that contains marmalade and was a Christmas gift from a co-worker many years ago.

One of my favourite teas to have with scones is Earl Grey.  I'm still using my winter snowflake china but that's my project today, to pack it up and bring out the summer dishes.
Please join Sandi and Katherine and their guests for tea with friends.


  1. Good morning Judith,
    Your floor, I'm certain, will be beautiful when you're finished!
    Your scones look fabulous and tea would taste so good with them. I really enjoy dried cranberries in a scone; prettier than raisins! Thank you so much for joining me today for tea. I have added your link to my post. Have a beautiful day, dear friend!


  2. Hi Judith, Mmmm the scones look so good! It;s a cold morning here and they are just what I need!

  3. Gorgeous..everything looks fabulous and beautiful and sooo charming..you have a magic touch!

  4. I enjoyed my visit to your blog- recognize the jam pot as I sell those in my store! Scones look lovely!

  5. Hi Judith! My gosh, as much as I LOVE to bake, I hang my head in shame... I have never baked scones as of yet! They certainly look delicious! I'm just going to have to make a point of it.. You've convinced me! ~tina

  6. I love cranberry scones and wish I could come by for a sample. Earl grey tea as well...guess we share the same tastes!

  7. Your scones look wonderful and I can just taste that marmalade...yummy! So pretty and delicious!

    Thanks for sharing

  8. The sconces look so yummy!....Christine

  9. Looks delicious. Is there any left for me? V

  10. Rocky Mountain Springtime means SNOW! It is very normal for April and can happen in May! I put a link to you on my blog!

  11. Judith, Your scones look delightful and I love the colorful jam pot. Love your covered cake plate too!
    Blessings, Beth

  12. My all time favorite, scones. They taste delightful with anything, even plain. I prefer an herbal tea though. Yummm!

  13. I have never had cranberries in scones but I will have to give it a try. I will have to look for a recipe for those buttermilk scones too-they sound delicious!

    Thanks so much for visiting me the other day. It is lovely to "meet" you!

    Best wishes,

  14. So,so sorry I am so late for this wonderful Tea! As you know I am exhausted from doing my daughter's reception! I have so enjoyed your comments! I love the cake plate and the scones look delicious! Cranberry! I would love to try them, and with the marmalade! Adore the jam pot! How I wish I had one! Just love it! Thank You for taking time to join me for Tea Time Tuesday, while your laying floors! Such a wonderful break for Tea!


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