Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tea with Friends - Blueberry muffins

Afternoon tea is a relaxing time of the day for me, especially if it is shared with friends.  Back when I was getting married, a cup and saucer were often received as a wedding shower gift.  This is one of those gifts; Royal Albert Bone China, Rose Marie Series "Noonday". 

Blueberry muffins, hot from the oven are a nice treat with my tea.  I used a new recipe for these that contains ground flax seed and whole wheat flour so they are very healthy.  The blueberries were picked last year with some friends and I still have a couple of containers of them left in the freezer.

I really like plaid as you can see here with my pink and green tablecloth and  lavender and yellow napkin.
A bit of honey is added to my tea but it can be messy and when dining out, how many restaurants offer it?  Propped against the saucer is a little packet that contains a minature honey comb.

Isn't this a wonderful invention to have in your purse?  I received a few samples at a luncheon and the honey drops come plain or as above with lemon.  Invented in the picturesque province of PEI, the company is called Honibe.

Honey and lemon are pleasant to add to tea; just remember not to add milk!

While preparing my photos, I was the victim of a run-by muffin snatch.  The only thing left was a blueberry stain on the floor and my gardening buddy hiding behind the table.  He was quick as lightning to wolf down the muffin I set on the plate and wouldn't you know it?    He ate the most photogenic muffin in the batch. :-)

I hope you'll join some other friends for tea:


  1. Way to go Topaz! Yum! Judith I enjoyed your post today and would love to share a muffin and tea with you and Topaz!

  2. Very pretty china and the individual honeycombs are a wonderful idea!

  3. Wow..what a wonderful post! I love the honey drops..how fabulous! I have never seen those before! Gorgeous cups..so super lovely..the are special! I also love the cake stand/plate! Gorgeous muffins..I could really go for onw right now!!Delightful post...Happy Tea!!

  4. You've got to watch those muffin thieves! We have them around here too!

    Best wishes,

  5. Good morning Judith,
    Blueberry muffins are very popular and yours look wonderful! Your teacup is lovely and so is your presentation! I have never seen those little packets of honeycomb here on the Island. Probably because I take my tea black and never required them; great idea though. Thank you for joining me for Tea Time today and sharing such a wonderful tea and story. An entertaining post!
    Have a beautiful day, my friend.


  6. Hi Judith! What a lovely setting, and blueberry muffins are a favorite of mine,too! (I also love the photo of Topaz! I'm also a dog lover!)

  7. What time was that afternoon tea, I need to know what time to arrive. Love the tea cup and the muffins sound yummy. Have a great tea:)

  8. Lovely china, and delicious muffins! What a wonderful way to spend an afternoon!


  9. Hi: The story was just as funny the second time around. I want to come for tea. When is it? V

  10. O, I do love tea and muffins...and your buddy..
    Your muffins look wonderful..beautiful china..love it all

  11. What lovely muffins and afunpost!

  12. Thanks for the tea in that beautiful teacup and for the delicious blueberry muffin. we must be around the same age because I got teacups as shower gifts too.

  13. Hi! Your cup and saucer are beautiful!.. and I had to laugh about the perpetrator behind the stolen muffin!! I take it this was "Buddy" on your right side bar?.. He reminds me very much of my dog!!.. now that he has just been shaved for the summer! ~tina

  14. Hello, Judith,
    Your Royal Albert cup and saucer are very pretty!! And the blueberry muffins look quite delicious. Blueberry is my favorite! I would be like your buddy and try to sneak one, too. Thank you for the tea invitation! I hope you have the loveliest of weeks! Vicki

  15. What a beautiful teacup. And those muffins look so yummy. And you have darling looking pictures of tea partys too!
    Have a blessed day!

  16. Hi: I just love your tea cup. It is so beautiful. The muffins look so good. Thank you for sharing. Blessings, Martha

  17. Such a lovely tea cup and the muffins look so yummy!! I never saw anything like those honey drops before!!

  18. Hi Judith... Love the green roses on the teacup... I have never seen green before! Honey drops what a good idea! Topaz has good taste... the muffins look delicious!

  19. I'm a tad late for Tuesday Tea, you see, it's Wedsnesday afternoon!
    I'm enjoying my cup of earl grey in my favorite Summertime Chintz teacup and have had quite a chuckle over your muffin bandit mishap!
    Thanks for the post. If you don't mind, I think I hang around for a while and read a bit more while enjoying your lovely pictures. Spring is in the air and this is a wonderful spot to stop and smell the roses... Rose

  20. I just blueberry muffins or blueberry anything! Such a lovely tea cup! Love the small packs of honey to take along! I loved so much hearing about the muffin all gone! Too cute! I love the linens so much! Such a wonderful Tea! Thank You so much for joining me for Tea Time Tuesday!

  21. Very pretty! Those blueberry muffins look so yummy! I've never seen those mini honeycomb samples, I love honey and lemon!


  22. I love those honey comb packets - they are amazing! Thank you for sharing such a wonderful post!
    <>< Concetta


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