Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Spring Surprise

Just last week I wrote about the beautiful flowers of my Leonard Messel magnolia and then this week I thought I saw a butterfly soaring around the tree.
My camera was fairly handy and the subject was pretty high up on a flower but I did manage to get this one photo.  What a nice spring surprise to see a mourning cloak and it is only April. 
From my presentations on creating a wildlife habitat, I knew that this is one butterfly that can over-winter under loose tree bark or in woodpiles until spring when they come out to mate.

This is a butterfly and insect woodpile that David of Merlin's Hollow has built in his backyard.  It has lots of cracks and crevices for insects like the mourning cloak to crawl into for the winter and a bit of rubber pond liner along the top to help keep it dry.


  1. Hi Again :-) What a fantastic capture of the butterfly on your lovely magnolia! We have had next to nothing so far for butterflies.. and I know very little about their wintering habits, you have peaked my interest.. sound like good reading this summer!

  2. What a wonderful sighting, we have not seen any butterflies in our backyard yet. But, I am always hopefull. Have a wonderful day and take care.

  3. Lovely butterfly. We have a similar wood pile and brush piles at the back of our yard for creatures to seek protection in.

  4. Isn't that exciting to see. Coupled with the picture of the magnolia in bloom makes a lovely site. We have a similar pile of wood piled up at the back fence but I call it a mess. LOL.Valerie

  5. Wow..super gorgeous..what a magcial moment to capture...she is a beauty! Lovely post..!
    Have a wonderful day Judith!

  6. I love the wood pile! There is nothing like knowing you have wood!


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